10 white furniture to fall in love with

The color white plays an important role in the architecture and interior design of our time. No wonder: it looks timeless, elegant
and modern, lets rooms and facades shine and conveys purity and
Clarity. White is the perfect companion for minimalist designs and
reduced designs, but also fits well with the modern country house look, too
Industrial styles, trendy shabby chic or classic
Institutions. Whether one decides now for the white complete look or
White peppered with other colors, remains the individual taste
left. The great thing is that it works both ways. We have ten white ones today
Furniture, which we found with our experts and which the
to interpret hip non-color in completely different ways and in
Set scene. There is certainly the right white furniture for every style and every taste.

White furniture: Rustic shelf

The color white is not only good for purist designer furniture. The trendy, somewhat more rustic styles of Industrial and Shabby Chic are also accented by white furniture. This is perfect for that Shelf No. 01 from Woody pallets design. It is made from a used euro pallet, which probably has a long journey around the globe behind it. In the workshop of our experts, it is processed in laborious manual work in several grinding cycles and converted into a real eye-catcher. In your home, the cool part then gets a new function - whether as a wine or bookshelf, storage or minibar, kitchen or bathroom furniture is up to you.

White furniture: Stylish chair

Stylish designer chairs are particularly popular in bright white, because the neutral color makes every piece of furniture look even higher-quality and draws the attention of the beholder fully to the extravagant design. The model QUESTION MARK from Tonon was from our expert Stefan Heiliger designed and fascinated us with its extravagant shape, which mimics that of a question mark. The great thing: This cool chair not only looks super stylish, like many white furniture, but also scores with a lot of comfort. The seat seems to float and gives an indication of the pleasant springs that you notice when you sit down.

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White furniture: comfortable seat cushion

It does not always have to be the designer chair, sometimes we just want to crawl on a simple seat cushion. No problem! On the Sushi roll from cozydunes we take a seat comfortably and let our legs and soul dangle. The seat cushions are available in a wide range of fabrics and sizes and are made with high quality materials to the highest quality standards in Germany. And you do not have to be afraid of dirt and stains, because the cover is removable and can be easily and simply washed in the washing machine.

White furniture: refined bed

In the bedroom, white furniture is particularly popular, because there we like it simple, relaxed, quiet and fresh. In the midst of bright colors, only a few of us really come to rest. Therefore, white is a great solution for bedroom furniture and textiles - and of course for the bed. How about the model, for example? Nook from the house form strong? It not only offers you plenty of room, but also has a storage area for books, alarm clocks, bedside lamps and Co. on the headboard. And even more storage space is available under the cover panels.

White furniture: Flexible seating

White also plays a major role in the decidedly simple and functional Scandinavian interior design style. It looks fresh and friendly and underlines the intention to create furniture that looks good everywhere, is of high quality and fulfills its function without frills and reliably. Just like that plug furniture of that wish furniture, which are actually intended as party and event furniture and cooler alternative to beer table clothing, but we liked so much with their puristic design, that they have actually earned a regular place in the garden, on the terrace or in the apartment. The great thing about them is that they are set up quickly and without any tools, ready for immediate use and just as quickly dismantled and stored space-saving until their next use.

White furniture: practical built-in wardrobe

White built-in wardrobes are extremely popular because they seamlessly adapt to white walls, creating a harmonious, tidy look in any room. Whether in the bedroom or guest room, in the hallway or in the office - these cabinets offer storage space without end and do not take away any valuable space. Here we see a five-door built-in closet, which by the professionals at cabinet factory was made individually and accurately and perfectly integrated into its environment.

White furniture: Ornate side table

As beautiful, stylish and timeless as white furniture may be, many of them run the risk of becoming boring in the long run. For those who love simple furniture but do not want to miss out on that special something Julien Schaab the perfect solution: he amputates the IKEA-classic paint a leg and then missed him a stylish prosthesis. In this way, the simple side table is upgraded many times and the absolute eye-catcher in every living room.

White furniture: Cool couch

On white sofas divide the spirits. Some find them super stylish and chic, the other simply impractical. Probably depends on how many children or pets you have and how much you like to drink red wine or eat chocolate. That a bright white sofa makes a great figure in every apartment, is probably still undisputed. We have this here woodboxx and are completely blown away by its clean, timelessly modern design. But you can not resist the chocolate bar in front of the TV, right?

White furniture: Multifunctional sideboard

White furniture is also welcome in workrooms and offices. They give the ambience an extra dose of style while at the same time keeping you comfortable. The piece of furniture that we see in this photo, however, has a lot more up its sleeve: the multifunction program FLEXX from the COLLECTION is the perfect choice for those who want to include a flexible workplace in their living room, dining room or bedroom. It is a sideboard with integrated pull-out table, which disappears when needed in a jiffy.

White furniture: Baroque dressing table

Baroque style or shabby chic without white furniture? Inconceivably! If you like lush, opulent and unusual, comes with our experts of Repro Antique Design fully at his expense. Here there is no mass-produced, but unusual and made after old traditional craftsmanship furniture with its own character.

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