Funny kitchen accessories

Cooking and enjoying is fun - especially with these funny kitchen accessories, household helpers and cooking utensils that are even more
Bring humor to our kitchen. With bright colors and clever designs
Put them in the eye and put us in a good mood - whether early in the morning or at
actually annoying dishes. With these funny ideas our experts have
you can enjoy the stove, sink and dining table even more.

fried egg shape

A simple fried egg on the plate is too boring for you? Then you should definitely these funny fried forms of Givensa set. With the cool cloud form, you can conjure celestially beautiful eggs in an instant. How does it work? Simply place the dish in the pan and place the egg in the sun so that the egg yolk stays there while the egg whites flow into the cloud. And you already have a one-sided fried fried egg in the form of a fantastic summer sky.

egg separator

We stick to the subject of egg and introduce you to these eyebrow-eyed comrades who help you to separate eggs cleanly and quickly. With his big, round mouth, he swallows the egg yolk and separates it so easily from the protein. All you have to do is to squeeze the fish's belly and bring its mouth to the yolk. If you reduce the pressure again, the fish will soak in the egg yolk and spit it out again by pressing it on the stomach where you want it.

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sponge holder

Your kitchen sponge is hardly noticed anywhere on the edge of the sink and fristet there left left, clammy and half wet a miserable existence? Then it is high time to give the practical helper his due attention and to put him in the best possible light - for example with the witty sponge holder Clean Green made of stainless steel, which is our expert Jette Scheib designed. The cool part can be attached easily with suction cups on the wall and is suitable for all commercial kitchen sponges. So your sponge is the absolute eye-catcher and king of the sink.

Salt and pepper shaker

Salt and pepper mills are super handy kitchen helpers and provide the finishing touch to many a dish, but in terms of design, they rarely present cool and original. These two models of About Star On the other hand, you and your guests are guaranteed to smile, for they rush on bare feet to save the taste and bring not only pep in the food, but also on the table.

pot keeper

A flower on the cooking pot? This floral addition not only looks funny, it can also do a lot, because it acts as a pot guard and steam release. Clamped between pot and lid, it ensures that hot steam can escape, thus preventing overcooking of the water. It also tells us if the proper cooking heat has been reached inside the pot, because the steam leaving it makes the flower spin and we know it's time to put the pasta in the pot.

Chips Tree

Everyone can serve chips in the bowl. Those who want to surprise their guests with a much more original idea, will be presenting their delicious snacks in the Chips tree plugged. This cool invention of Kazuhito Ishida Design is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention and will surely make for one or the other laugh at the next party.

You can find even more cool accessories for the kitchen in our Ideabook  Clever kitchen helpers.

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