Cleaning up and cleaning – 7 tips from professionals

We all know the feeling when we enter a house as a guest, which seems to be clinically clean and virtually no mess
prevails. Then we ask ourselves: Why can the other people, but me
not yourself? That these individuals have an army of cleaners or
Domestic help is difficult to imagine. Because nobody grows
the money in the trees. Basically, the solution is quite simple. Most
People who have a really decent and clean home keep up
a few basic rules. And we want to tell you about them today. are
you curious?

1. The corridor: A permanent place for each part

Car keys, purse, shoes and jackets: All this is usually housed in the entrance of an apartment, somehow,
somewhere! Tidy unfortunately only in rare cases. You can do it myself
really easy. A small basket in the hallway provides for storage
Small parts for keys, caps or scarves. Coats and jackets get started
a rod, hang in a locker or a stand. And for
incoming mail, bills or school letters is a drawer so that
nothing is lost.

2. The bedroom: make beds!

This tip is not an insider tip, because it should be obvious for everyone. Bedding is undoubtedly the same
like the airing of the bedroom to the daily ritual in the morning. Because this is how we free the room and the bed
of spent air and clutter. And in the evening: We are greeted by a fresh one
made bed in which it is much more comfortable bedding than in the rumpled
State, right?

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3. The living room: toy boxes for more order

Small (and bigger) children are messing up where they play. That's a fact. In addition, a fact is that they are mostly everywhere
play, but not in their own room, where the disorder could not care.
Often the girls and boys want to be close to the parents, and that is
Now, once the living room and kitchen. Everything is so wild when we're on the spot
have the possibility of storage for toys. In our example, these are
colorful boxes in an original bookshelf. Our tip: we should the
Encouraging little ones to clear their own things. With different colored
They can easily recognize boxes, which toy belongs in which box.
Additionally labeled with small stickers or pictograms, it does them the
Mapping even easier. By the way, we should clean the boxes with one
Disinfectant around twice a month.

4. The kitchen: free desktops and tables from stains

It is not difficult to find surfaces in the house that can do without water splashes or smudges. Just stainless steel surfaces
in the kitchen are prone to it. With a corresponding cleaner can be
but clean the surfaces easily. And if we take care of it once a day,
The resulting work is as minimal as it is possible. Our tip:
Always treat wood surfaces with a wood cleaner and regularly with appropriate
Care, for example, provide a polish.

5. The bathroom: clean the sink daily

Let's compare a bathroom sink with a sponge once a week, with one that wipes quickly once a day
has been. Toothpaste, make-up, soap: All this leaves traces every day
Sink, but by no means a good impression. So better every day to grab the sponge. 

6. Old materials: Gradually rehabilitate!

How many people touch the remote control of television every day? How many hands reach for door handles, light switches, refrigerator handles
or smartphones? Our surfaces are inevitably colonized by bacteria.
That's why we should clean them regularly to clean surfaces
guarantee. In many cases, however, time gnaws on fittings, sockets
or door handles. When the time comes, they really are not beautiful anymore
look, we should invest in them and replace them with new accessories. If
Keeping this in mind, costs are spread over many years
and do not hurt the purse so much.

7. Cleaning up made easy: plan your time carefully

We all know that time in today's society is pure money. But that's why we should plan our time the more carefully.
This includes the work in and around the house. Example complacent? The
Dishwasher can run while we are in the shower. The roast in the oven
can be cooked while we take the kids from school or recreational activities
pick up. And the breakfast table we can cover in the evening, so in the morning no
unnecessary stress arises.

8. The last check: Check apartment from floor to ceiling

Cobwebs and dust are clear signs of neglected space. The common thing is: Spider webs like to hide
on the ceilings of our rooms. A regular check is therefore absolute
required. If there are spider webs on the wall, the am
best with a feather duster or the vacuum cleaner hose reliably remove.

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