5 gorgeous bedrooms under the roof that you’ll love!

If you own an attic in your house, you can look forward to it. Because for many
Interior lovers will find this one of the most desirable rooms for the perfect bedroom. Small or big; luxurious or rustic - from an attic
can create an individual dream home that linger and
Feel good. That's why today we introduce you to 5 dreamlike bedrooms
under the roof that makes our hearts beat faster. Let yourself
inspire and transform your attic into a unique highlight!

1. The romantic mountain hut

A wooden interior creates an inviting and warm atmosphere in which you simply have to feel good! An exciting contrast of this bedroom is the combination of wood and modern materials such as glass, which was used as a partition. Another refinement is the use of frosted glass on the floor, which brings additional light into the room. With a few home textiles such as curtains and bed linen in anthracite, a natural look with an elegant charm is created.

2. For individualists: Shabby chic to fall in love with

The combination of heirlooms, flea market treasures and home-made goods characterizes the living trend Shabby Chic. These can be perfectly combined with other modern furniture and home accessories, creating an individual look. In our example, not only the Shabby Chic fascinates, but also a bedroom that leads out onto a small roof terrace. A true dream that we want to imitate immediately!

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3. Industrial chic in the attic

A popular style that fits wonderfully in the attic is the rustic industrial chic. Walls made of bricks are combined with wooden beams and completed by a round bed that can be used as a lounge sofa and bedchamber. The carpets and an atmospheric light make the room a unique relaxation oasis!

4. Modern luxury

In our next example, we see a true living dream! The wood interior has been painted white, giving it a modern touch. The interior also thrives on a lively change between old, traditional wooden furniture and modern elements. A highlight is the access to the roof terrace, on which an additional area for relaxation was integrated.

5. The dream of the attic in Paris!

Our example from Paris shows that even a small room under the roof can become a beautiful and unique room with an individual flair. Here a small wooden staircase leads from the living room area to the bedroom - functional and special!

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