Everyone wants to have these ten modern garage doors

Ask all car fans to join hands! Because today we have one from Homify
Idea collection for those who love cars and their associated garages. We want
Do not talk about the garage or the carport as a complete package today, but rather
The focus is on modern garage doors in many chic designs.

1. Grand entrance for two garage doors

We start our collection with a first example, which probably every car enthusiast
would be jealous. Two separate and powered garages
present themselves with gates of dark metal. The cassettes give the gates
Thereby an interesting pattern, which in the wood paneling really very modern
acts. Ceiling spots provide optimal illumination at the garage entrance.

2. Light-footed and transparent

Our second example shows no garage door. This is more about
a gate of horizontal metal struts, which has a car access to the behind
Property allows. Because the gate was designed partially transparent,
we get depending on the sun a beautiful shadow play on the
Ground. The architects create a beautiful accentuation through the modern roof
the driveway.

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3. Beautiful on the whole width

This black garage door is really striking in the white-plastered façade. Because it fits
Adhere to the full width of the garage, so despite the size one
Minimalist design emerges. We mean: a contemporary appearance,
which offers a terrific protection against burglary.

4. Garage door with permeable grids

Such a beautiful family home should not be behind a garage door
hide. It does not! Because the gate, made of a large metal grid
allows the viewer to have a look at the beautiful facade. Nevertheless
protects the solid gate from possible burglaries.

5. Little beauty

If we call a small, pretty house with a well-kept garden our own, then need
we do not have a huge garage door that dominates everything. This small white gate in lacquered
Metal adapts subtly to the facade and looks together with the green plaster
Almost romantic.

6. Modern is almost impossible!

Such garage doors made of glass are very rare. But now that we have seen it
we would rather find such a gate in our garage. Stylish and
Cool, it gives an insight into the dark garage, in which there is actually a small sitting area made of metal. Granted, this is just the
Rear of the garage. From the front, a heavy metal gate secures the interior
and the cars in it.

7. The wooden garage

Now we come to a completely different design, namely a small self-sufficient wooden garage. The
Gate consists in this garage of two large double doors to the outside
to open. Depending on the individual style of the house, such a garage can be a nice and inexpensive addition to the rest of the building.

8. Fully secured

When a garage door is primarily about safety, those are heavy ones
Iron gates a safe shelter. They leave behind a rail anchored in the ground
Automatically open and close as needed. Depending on the design, even such decorative elements hold
like the tips on the gate one or the other burglars off.

9. Modern garage doors made of wood

Natural wood is a great and safe material for garage doors that do not
must come old-fashioned. The wood can be oiled, painted or
leave completely natural. Our tip: Best from a professional, for example
a carpenter, let advice, which type of wood fits the house design. He will
to offer a customized solution.

10. The carport

Finally, we look at a solution for car parking spaces, which is quite simple, but today
favor more and more homeowners. A carport is a good idea if we are in
living in a safe environment where we only want to know the car in moderation.
This type of investment is manageable and protects against wind and weather
Example of hail or frost.

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