7 impressive kitchens with granite countertops

A new kitchen should be purchased. Then there are many considerations in the planning
necessary for this. One of them concerns the material of the worktop. Because there
It's about more than great aesthetics. A crucial question is how the
Worktop should be used. Countertops made of granite are quite a
big investment, but very robust, easy to clean and durable. We
show you today seven kitchens that rely on such countertops.

1. Worktop in high gloss

The first kitchen comes with a highly polished granite top, which is ideal for both
Work area as well as the tile mirror and a bar is used. Although granite
initially cool and sober looks, is the color choice in beige tone
a cozy atmosphere. The U-shaped structure of the kitchen works through
the continuous worktop is particularly uniform and flowing. The fronts
The cabinets adapt to the cream tone nicely.

2. Practical kitchen island

Wow! That's a professional and generous kitchen that has the space available
optimally exploited. The red-brown kitchen fronts fit almost perfectly to the beige
and light gray of the other modules. Highlight is the kitchen island with the
Worktop made of granite, where vegetables whisk and whitewash as desired
Meat cut. Large distribution of such a worktop: Man
does not need a wooden board to support, because on the table you can easily
cut without the plate getting scratches. It is hardly more comfortable.

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3. Granite Slabs: More than just practical!

Modern kitchen are always such places in today's living concepts, the flowing transitions
form between kitchen and further living space such as dining room or lounge. Our
The next example does this perfectly by giving kitchen planners a long narrow kitchen island
use connecting element between the living areas. The worktop off
Granite looks so homely and noble that it hardly the appearance of a
functional kitchen element.

4. Anthracite-colored granite slabs

The kitchen proves how perfectly wood and flagstones fit together in our next one
Image. The gray granite stone and natural wood kitchen elements create a combination
which visibly catches the eye. Again, a small counter was optimally solved. In this case, the kitchen bar is a rectangular table, which consists only of the granite stone. Because the plate cope with water without any problems, over-coated glasses or other liquids are no problem here.   

5. The lighting

How beautifully stone slabs and natural components fit together shows us
the next kitchen. Right next to the large kitchen island is a
Panoramic window that gives the residents a look into a green oasis.
The daylight is reflected particularly nicely on the granite top and offset
the kitchen in a naturally beautiful atmosphere. The juicy green of the leaves
creates a great combination with the kitchen island.

6. Maintenance and care of granite surfaces

Kitchen worktops usually take some care to last for many years. Just
Granite slabs sometimes require very little care. Because of her
They are robust and do not let water through. That's just right now
Area of ​​sink or stove a big advantage. On highly polished
Plates you can see over time, however, if you have a lot with the
Messer has worked. Then you should rather put on matte surfaces on
which scratches do not notice so fast.

7. Modern designs

We want to end our tour for today by introducing yet another modern kitchen in
such granite slabs are not only used for the purpose of worktops,
but they act as a compact wall cladding. Put the stone slabs in beige
the kitchen on the wall a frame that clearly defines the boundaries of the kitchen. And
even on the kitchen island, the stone slabs once include the piece of furniture
completely. Beautifully minimalist are the matt glossy cabinets in

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