12 stylish decoration tips for your home

Some love it, others hate it: today it's about the topic, just like yours
Decorated stylishly at home. Because that is sometimes more difficult than you think. There
it's about ideas, the time factor and, of course, the budget we do not
always be able to draw on the full as we would wish. We
want to make your job a little easier and have 12 simple but
brought very sympathetic ideas that beautify your home - and indeed
with a lot of style.

1. Define color palette

Colors are probably one of the key elements of a room design with a certain WOW effect.
The main thing is that all the colors we have in one room
use, harmoniously match each other. That could well be strong and
to be unusual colors. In our first example, however, the
Interior designer focused on gray and earthy colors, which is a beautiful
uniform picture. Our tip: Before the redesign of a room
You should always have defined the possible color palette. That makes false purchases
unlikely. Is the room with its furniture and the wall design
Already available, the accessories and murals should also after the
Judge colors.

2. What does my design look stylish and not cheap?

Immediately after the color palette, the selection of furniture comes into play. Because they are decisive
whether a room looks stylish or trashy. And that's not necessarily
a question of budget, as you might imagine. Our professionals
Always give the tip to first think about which piece of furniture in a room
to play the central role. That's why we can then use all the other design elements
place. This is often the sitting area in the living room, the table in the dining room.
If, for example, the pieces of furniture are Scandinavian, as in our picture,
The rest of the facility should follow that. In the end, this results in a
harmonious living ambience, no matter what style you pursue.

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3. Wall coverings

You want to change a wall in your apartment? This wallpaper in the next picture gives the
Room a whole new, fresh atmosphere and sets a clear highlight in
this room. Where to find such a thing? Today there is a large selection of
Models in the market. Or you visit an interior decorator near you
and ask directly for the expert. They often have tips in their pockets that
one does not find so easily in the trade.

4. The country needs new pictures

A very simple but effective way to transform our interior design in small steps,
is, for example, replacing old images with new ones. Or you bet
a new frame around an old picture. This also generates one, depending on the selection
new look. And the eye of the beholder is satisfied.

5. Plant diversity

We can never repeat enough, which beautiful ambience we in one
Apartment or a house with a touch of green. plants
work always and in every room design. That can be classic
House plants, herbs for the sunbed in the kitchen or large plants,
with which even rooms can be structured. Our tip: you do not have one
especially green thumb? Then ask in the trade, which plants
are easy to care for and survive with you.

6. Let there be light!

So far you have thought too little about lighting? But should you! Because lamps
provide a very special ambience, especially in autumn and winter. In addition to the
classic ceiling lamps, provide table and floor lamps at times for
accentuated room areas. Spots provide highlights on the wall.

7. Candles for the romance

Even candles provide subtle lighting and are an ideal accessory for dark
Months. Almost immediately a romantic ambience sets in with them
Makes rooms super cozy. Tip: visit flea markets and rummage in the
Internet on portals for used. There are sometimes like that
unusual candle holders that look unique. Because off the rack yes
somehow everyone!

8. Experience with all senses

Popular especially in the winter months: scents for the senses! Scented candles, incense or
Orange aromas provide a wonderful odor variety in the house and destroyed
while unpleasant odors.

9. Textiles now come out big

In the summer we are happy when we have so few carpets, curtains and blankets around us,
as it is possible. But in winter, they come back to great use.
They automatically convey a cozy and secure atmosphere in the house,
which acts like a real retreat.

10. Pillows - as many as possible

As well as candles and plants, pillows are also a great way to get around the house
give a new look, without spending a lot of money. Depending on
Season, the pillows can be easily reconditioned with new covers and automatically
Sofas, armchairs or corner rooms get a new flair. Try it!

11. And where is the personal charm?

We have almost reached the end of our proposals. But a note should still be allowed: Catalogs, magazines and department stores are all great, but one thing is missing: their own personality. And they can not fool you into a furniture store. So listen to yourself, what makes you different and tries to implement this in your housing design. It can be a hobby, a personal style or something that we do not dare to think about. But if you do that, your home will be unmistakable. And that's what matters, right?

12. Try DIY

Last but not least, if you have the soul of a handyman, you can try to build bed and sofa frames or shelves from old pallets or wooden boxes. Even if they were created for other purposes, they can be used to build great new small pieces of furniture. 

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