How can I decorate a room cheaply?

The decoration of a room is the finishing touch of the overall design. Already with small handles, a room can be completely changed by decoration and show itself from a completely different side. Colors, shapes and styles have a great influence on the overall result when decorating. They should always be chosen coherently to the interior design style, but can occasionally set accents, which become the highlight of the room. Decorating elements and home accessories give a room personality, make it more comfortable and cosiness. But in order not to constantly overburden the budget of decorators and interior designers, favorable decoration ideas must be planned and implemented. We would like to introduce you to some of them that can make a big impact for little money. Instead of always buying new material, a visit to your own cellar, flea markets and used goods stores is recommended. The magic words are Recycling and DIY (Do It Yourself). The emerging trend not only beautifies your home, but also protects the environment and your wallet!

What should be cheaply decorated?

Of course, you must first think about what should be decorated at all. Just make a change
which in the long run is planned in your interior design or is
a special occasion, to which
Thematically appropriate decoration should be built? Which room
do you want
decorate and which interior design style needs to be considered? On
you will find many great suggestions, inspirations and ideas that you
should beautify your home. Deco and Do It Yourself ideas
mostly in the head when small suggestions such as materials, pictures or
Pop up. The advantage of homemade decoration is the low price.
You can also give free rein to your creativity and something new
try out. The example shows a homemade bed head, the off
old fabric and a curtain rod was made. Cheap decoration
often requires some creativity and craftsmanship that,
in our opinion, everyone hides in himself!

Flea market and cellar: the new decorative shops

Flea markets, basements and attics are the new bearings when it comes to decoration and interior design. You will be surprised which
Versatility hides behind all the old objects. The recycling
and recycling old furniture and home accessories is trendy, fun
and there are many beautiful things that beautify your home. The Internet
is full of great ideas on how old things can be reused in order to make cheap decoration easy. But even old furniture can in
Turn it upside down in a new light and as a highlight in the new living room
act. Grandma's old dresser gets a painting and new knobs, the old one
Chair from the flea market comes with modern pillows and a decorative cuddly blanket
staged. But also small items such as picture frames, vases and other home accessories
can be easily spiced up and adapted to your interior style. In the picture you can see the reuse of old rattan boxes or suitcases, the
converted into small side tables with shelves. The lid
was dismantled, so that the interior can serve as a storage area. The new
Tables fit perfectly with the interior design and are straight through the
Selbstmachfaktor to something very special.

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Make old out of old - spice up old furniture

Spicing up old furniture and home accessories is not a big art. Emery paper, some paint and new knobs leave them in new splendor
shine. The beauty of recycling old furniture is that you yourself
can determine how they should look later. From now on, not everything has to be
being white, black or woody - there are no limits to creativity
set. Paints are available in countless colors in every hardware store and can be added
the sanding of the furniture simply with a paint brush or paint roller
be applied. Chests of drawers, cupboards and drawers will be joined afterwards
new pommels and so become your own personal masterpiece.
The example shows a rather simple cabinet, the shabby-chic look
was designed. After painting, the paint can still be used with sandpaper
be edited so that the so-called used look is created.


DIY ideas are becoming increasingly popular. People are more eager to try new things and venture more and more often into unknown areas.
On homify you will find many great ideas, home accessories and other furniture
do it yourself, save money and personalize your interior
to lend. The beauty of DIY is that creativity knows no bounds
are and unbelievably many possibilities are open, new from objects
To design and build things. For example, in this photo you can see
self-made shelf that was made from an old painter's ladder. about
the rungs of the wooden ladder were laid with simple shelves and with
Books and a plant stocked. Give the colorful colors and splashes
the "shelf" a special charm and make it unique. small furniture
This type are great gap fillers in your living concept. Empty corners and walls
be decorated with a cheap small furniture and complete yours
Room design from. If you need more DIY tips, you can check this Ideabook.

Two in one: multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture makes sense for the reason that several uses in a piece of furniture are integrated. Sofa beds and
Folding tables are probably the most common and well-known multifunctional
Solutions for furniture. Especially in small rooms and apartments, these are very
practical, space-saving and inexpensive.
The multifunctional sofa bed
Pil-low from Livarea can be transformed in no time in a comfortable bed and looks very nice in the guest, living room and bedroom. 

Simple decoration ideas with great effect

Textiles instantly lend a room a new theme, design and color concept. A room with simple wall paint and simple
Furniture is equipped, is thus very quickly convertible and to the respective
Customizable mood and the favorite color of the resident. In the spring can
Floral curtains and cheerful pillowcases are unpacked in the winter
Dark red and fir green dominate the furnishing style. Textiles like
Curtains, bed linen and pillows are already available at reasonable prices.
But anyone who has some skill can easily sew it himself.
Fabrics can be found in many stores and also often at flea markets or in the
Internet be purchased cheaply. With ironing tape, a tape, the at
Ironing the fibers of the fabric glued, curtains curtail and hem.
Other home accessories like candles and flowers can be easily and quickly put in
integrate your color concept. It is important to use one color more than once
pick up so that the design can act more calmly on the eye. So brings
It's a big change in a few simple steps and for a reasonable price
in your four walls.

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