30 ingenious outdoor furniture, which you would also like to have guaranteed

What would our small balcony, the large terrace or the spacious garden without some comfortable furniture that invite you to linger? Be it the shady spot on the balcony, which is set up as a lounge or the corner in the garden, which is decorated with a hammock, there are plenty of ways to make yourself comfortable outdoors. 

We have put together for you 30 cool and especially practical outdoor furniture that you should not miss this summer.

Welcome to the sun island

Those who like to relax in the garden also have a sun and wind protection, which is well-advised with a so-called sun island. The model seen here was made of special high-quality and stable rattan and can be used either as an island or as a multi-part seating group. While you make yourself comfortable in the semi-circular lounge, the awning provides protection in wind and weather. 

The 12 cm thick padding is not only comfortable, but also dimensionally stable and easy to clean due to the removable and washable covers.

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Modern porch swing

A modern Hollywood swing should not be missing in any garden. This stylish, hanging garden bench can traditionally hang between two trees or on a thick, horizontal branch. But even under the veranda, the pergola or on the balcony makes this popular garden furniture a good figure. 

The seat is held by a 50 mm thick nylon strap, which is available in different colors and lengths, as well as the foam pads with textile cover.

Lounge furniture that you never want to leave

When it comes to cozy lounge furniture, a sunbed must not be missing. Here you can even choose between a narrow model, on which one can lie alone, or a couch twice as large for himself and his partner. 

The model to be seen here Manutti Orlando consists of a powder-coated aluminum frame and is therefore particularly weather-resistant. A built-in handle and wheels in the frame promise easy handling.

Swing together

You can also relax wonderfully as a couple on this extra wide swing bed. Durable, weatherproof plastic fabric was used for the lying surface, while the tiltable canopy is made of 100% polyester. A foam filled pillow included in this garden lounger makes relaxing just perfect.

Minimalist outdoor furniture

Minimalist patio furniture is in hot demand this summer. A fancy and space-saving model, we have the designer Philippo Dell'Orto Thanks to. He designed the so-called Soft pill armchair. The small armchair is made of hard polyurethane, but despite the solid material is very soft and gives a pleasant
Sitting experience. This extraordinary armchair is available in Germany Livarea.

Sunbed with secret hideaway

What at first glance looks like a normal sun lounger actually holds some secrets. Of the Basket Lounger is fully usable as vault over the whole area and can therefore be completed. Whether valuables or pillows and towels - everything is safe in there. To enjoy the sunbathing extensively, of course, a sunroof may not be missing.

The must-have for barbecues

If you like to throw barbecue parties in the summer or simply sit in the garden together with friends for hours, you should take a closer look at this seating group. The teak table is the focal point of the ensemble and not only offers plenty of space, but also an integrated champagne cooler. 

Around the table you can settle on matching benches. Especially practical: The pillow chest can also be used as a stool and connects the individual seats to a modern corner seat.

Comfortable hammock

Nothing provides more holiday feeling than a hammock between two trees. Ideally, this should also be extremely robust, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Exemplary for that is the Crazy Chair Hammock All-Weather. It is made from a skin-friendly, breathable micro-grid high-tech material and is therefore insensitive
against rain and even seawater. Even in strong sunlight heats
The hammock does not open, but remains comfortably airy cool. And even if you are in it for hours, you can not be worried, because that
Material is allergy tested, pleasant to the skin, does not stick and
leaves no ugly patterns.

Beer table set with a difference

It was high time that one of the popular but conventional beer table set once an update missed. The result is something as innovative as the modular furniture system folds. Garden table and garden bench made of wood allow a variety of Stellvarianten and thus offer individual solutions for every need. And like well-tried beer table furniture, these tables and benches are quickly assembled and disassembled, require little
Place and withstand any weather.

The couch for outside

The most beautiful is, if you can set up a second living room in his garden. Of course, a comfortable couch should not be missing in such an outdoor living room. So that the whole thing withstands all weathers, one should rely on robust materials. 

A perfect combination of durable material and beautiful design brings with it this u-shaped lounge bench. With such a party, there is nothing in the way of a convivial evening in a big round.

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