Great design ideas for a small budget

Admittedly - with a larger budget, more ideas can be realized in your own home and the choice is a different and more varied one. But who says that great design and design ideas are not possible even with a smaller budget? Just! Sometimes it just takes a little more ingenuity and creativity. But also with the following tips you will be helped!

Multitalented color

To make a room homely, it requires a device, a floor covering, a wall ornamentation and selected accessories. Above all, the choice of colors largely determines the atmosphere emanating from the room. Natural tones such as white, beige, cream and brown have a calming and harmonious effect, strong colors such as yellow, orange or red set stronger accents and have an exhilarating to stimulating effect. Here, color is one of the means that are among the cheaper and on top of that easier and faster change than, for example, the furniture; strong changes included! 

Pay attention to details

It depends on the detail ... This saying does not exist for nothing and is also confirmed within the facility. Because often it is these a vase or this a picture that only makes the spatial design round; just that certain something. In this example, it is the flower-print fabric blind that loosens up the relatively smooth look of the kitchen, creating an - albeit quiet - eye-catcher. It is also suitable for a manageable budget. 

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Textiles as an all-rounder

Cushions, blankets, rugs - at first glance, these textiles seem to be there simply because they support the head during the night, protect us from the cold or warm our feet. However, if you look more closely, it becomes clear that they have the right potential and are much more than just a useful textile. Rather, they can set great accents with them: Be it a cushion group in neon yellow, a particularly woven carpet or a fancy patterned blanket. And it does not even have to cost much. 

Design object window

Windows are a must and stand for quality of life. Function and design are close together and significantly shape the overall picture. Generously cut, the glazing not only allows plenty of light inside, but also gives the outside view. Good windows are well worth their investment, but they do not have to go beyond the planned budget. 

Invest in quality

We all know that: you have bought something and decided not so good quality, because we do not want to spend so much or we are simply satisfied with it; that's fine too. But at the latest when it breaks, you get annoyed, you have to buy it a second or even third time. It is definitely recommended for certain things, especially those that you have for a long time, primarily to pay attention to the quality. The investment is worthwhile, because good quality makes it affordable! You realize that at the latest when you do not have to buy it again and have finally spent more. 

Wood for character spaces

Wood is a versatile material and creates a beautiful, warm and natural atmosphere, especially in the interior. The house does not have to be provided with the building material from top to bottom. Already one or the other element is enough to create a completely different spatial picture. This can be a single piece of furniture, a special door or window frame or even the floor covering. If the wood is as natural as possible and impresses with a special structure, it seems all the more characteristic. 

Not to be underestimated: the lighting

Good lighting is one of the most important elements within the facility. When natural daylight is paramount, artificial lighting is just as important and essential - and not just to provide visibility. In addition to this important fact, indirect lighting is also used for decorative purposes. Whether cozy light in yellow, classic light in white or colored light - this can be done in very different ways. In any case, you put an accent and it does not have to cost a lot. 

Looking for a lighting with style? Inspiration for original light objects can be found in our matching Ideabook. 

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