Creative ideas for the kitchen wall

You would like to say goodbye to the tiles on the kitchen wall, but you still have no imaginative alternative? Then you will definitely find some suggestions in this Ideabook. Because a wall in the kitchen does not always have to be sterile and boring. Be inspired by our colorful and extraordinary wall design ideas.

A kitchen wall with natural stone

Natural stone is one of the favorites in the kitchen wall design: it is robust, durable and particularly easy to clean. And with the material you can also conjure up fascinating effects. As we see here, the natural stone was not flush-mounted, but offset on the wall. This results in an extraordinary 3-D effect. The lighting planner of Bolz light & design They also installed an indirect lighting that enhances the kitchen wall even better.

With indirect lighting Under cabinets and above the worktop you always have a decent light, which is usually sufficient for smaller hand grips.

Accents on the wall

If an entire wall of stone is too dark or monotonous, you can of course only fill individual parts of the kitchen wall with stone or stone tiles. Especially in the workspace of the sink and the stove is this wall covering recommended, as it is easier to clean than wallpaper.

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Durable wall

Waterproof, heat-resistant and easy-to-clean walls are the ultimate in the kitchen - especially in the kitchen Workspace. In addition to natural stone, painted chipboard, stainless steel or tempered glass can be used as wall cladding. 

Tile with a difference

Tiles in the kitchen have long ceased to be as popular as they were a few years ago. We slowly got enough of the white color and boring shape. Creativity is also in demand here! How about times, for example colorful tiles in 3D?

Small-scale walls

Another unusual tile variant we see in this kitchen. The small, differently colored tiles are assembled into a mosaic and thus bring a little more variety into the Wall design. With such simple yet creative tile ideas, we can become an artist ourselves at home.

Wall tattoos in the kitchen

Speaking of artists ... On some, even a gifted cook has been lost. Why not make it public with a striking wall tattoo? at K&L Wallart you will find even more witty sayings and pictures, with which you can beautify your kitchen wall.

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