Before-after: An old house with a new extension

Historic houses undoubtedly have their own special charm, but unfortunately they often do not quite match the one
Requirements for modern living. So it was with the family house, the
we want to introduce you today. It dates from the 30s and was in
The sixties last and remodeled. Now the inhabitants wanted more
Space, more spacious, lighter rooms and a more direct relation to the outside area.
Our experts from Architectural firm Prell and Partners took over the Um- and
Cultivation and brought the aged cottage into the here and now.

Back before

The house had a charm of its own before, and looked anything but dated from this perspective. Nevertheless, the family's living space had become too narrow and one wished for an extension, a fresh breeze and more seamless transitions between inside and outside. The old conservatory and various walls had to give way and it should generally arise more generosity.

Backside after

This is how the back of the house looks today. The architects have added a modern, single-storey flat roof extension to the existing site, which meets the client's desire for a modern, spacious and light-flooded living space. With its clear design language, the flat roof, the large windows and the red HPL façade panels, the extension gives the family home a completely new, fresh and striking image.

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Interior before

This photo of the interior before the renovation work clearly shows the shortcoming of the old house: despite relatively large windows and the adjoining conservatory, the living space looks grim and cramped. Here a lot had to happen to fulfill the client's wish for a modern, spacious living environment.

Interior after

What a change! As part of the renovation work, the old conservatory and the original exterior wall and an interior wall disappeared. In this way, a spacious living, dining and cooking area was created, which is flooded on several sides by large windows with natural light.

Living room afterwards

Here is the view from the living room towards dining and cooking area. The kitchen is located two steps higher than the rest and in the old part of the house, while the cultivation was lowered a little, resulting in not only interesting views, but also larger ceiling heights and an airy sense of space.

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