Small garden very big: With these 9 tips he is really fantastic!

Finally, the most beautiful time of the year begins: the summer! As soon as the first rays of sunshine
show, we would like to spend our time just outside. Naturally
This is best done in the garden, which relaxes us in the wonderful green
leaves. But not always your own garden or balcony is perfect - he must
not at all! We have 9 simple rules that make even the smallest green area a magnificent oasis.

1. How much space is available?

Before you plan a garden and beautify or optimize the balcony, the first question is always: How much space do I have available and how do I use this best? For example, if you want to grow new plants, think in advance of where to place them and if you need extra sun or shade. The same applies to the cultivation of a terrace or new outdoor furniture. Only start when you have made an exact plan and know exactly what should stand where.

2. Set a budget and select accessories

After you have determined the structure for the new garden or balcony, you should first think about how much money you want to spend for the embellishment. Then you create a list of the plants, furniture or accessories you want to buy.

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3. The choice of plants

When choosing plants, you have to consider the size and type of the garden or balcony. Because not every variety is suitable for your outdoor area. On the balcony or terrace beautiful potted plants are particularly good, which can be placed on the floor or attached to the wall. In a small yard it may be shrubs or vines.

4. A small vegetable garden

Even if you own only a small garden, you can grow fruit and vegetables in it. Instead of a large vegetable garden, it is best to use herbs such as parsley, basil or thyme and grow them in pretty pots. Of course you can also choose vegetables like tomatoes or radishes. In any case, it makes it a pleasure to grow its own ingredients and also tastes fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden just wonderful!

5. Original details

Whether it's a special lamp, a small piece of art for the wall or an artistically designed flower bed - feel free to put some original details in your backyard. That gives him a wonderful charm and a personal touch!

6. A green area on the balcony

You wish on the balcony a small garden? Try using artificial turf and many green plants that you can put up or fix on the wall. Soon you will feel like in a big garden!

7. Avoid clutter

Sometimes the garden already gets a whole new look, once you muck and clean up properly. Whether the children's toys, unnecessary folding chairs in the corner or countless accessories: Think about what you really need and sort out all things that just take up a lot of space.

8. Natural materials

So that the garden design is really pretty, you should rely on natural materials and choose no artificial elements. A beautiful wooden wall and fresh, green plants just look better and give the garden a very special flair!

9. A greenhouse

You wish something really original for the garden or small courtyard? How about a small greenhouse where you grow all your favorite plants and keep an eye on them? Especially if you do not have much space for countless pots and beds, this variant is perfect.

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