Beautiful wall ideas: presenting art differently

Who collects art, goes to heaven! Such a quote by an artist with the possession of various art forms in their own apartment gets a whole new meaning. Because art always projects a certain mood, whether you like it or not, decides the host. The tastes go far apart. Some adorn their walls with well-known oil paintings such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or a little nature in the style of Claude Monet. Some, on the other hand, prefer modern wall tattoos of their favorite icons or the graffiti artist Banksy and others bring together different styles consisting of photographs, paintings and sculptures. No matter how, it is determined with art that gives the apartment more character and emphasizes his personality in an elegant way. We want to deviate from the common design methods such as framing and symmetrical arrangement and devote ourselves to alternative ideas. Those which fit into the overall concept of the house, which give a different shape to certain objects or even fill entire walls. The fact is: art is always in the eye of the beholder! The question is, how do I design my apartment with paintings and co., So that it skilfully accentuates the advantages of each individual room and expresses the personal taste individually? With these six art concepts individuality is capitalized and met the mainstream with bravado.  

Integrate existing architectural conditions as an art object

A beautiful alternative to the usual art design in the form of framed pictures represents this beautiful example. With different wall tattoos you can use the circumstances of the apartment and transform this easily to art objects. Like the staircase, which serves as a stage monument for the lovers and the dog. The pigeons in this case set the perfect frame that does not represent one, and art as such gets a new direction that radiates liveliness. In other cases, individual shelves may merge with specific motifs or other furnishings such as the bed in the bedroom, the floor lamp in the living area or the refrigerator in the kitchen can easily become an art carrier. Because art means to be free, to set no limits and to incorporate the motifs that inspire you as you like it. 

Without frame

Way with the frame! Art is free, art has to breathe! If you want to breathe a little more individuality into your walls, you can easily create it in the form of individual pictures, wallpapers or wall tattoos. The attachment of our favorite art objects decides whether a wall should be classically staged or presented in an extraordinary way. Modern and abstract or old and simple? An image without a frame always looks a bit different, out of line and yet deliberately staged. A good way to pay even more attention to one's own art, without having to frame it, is the foundation of a colorful wall. Thus, the chosen wall serves as a perfect presentation surface and skilfully stages individual works of art. 

By the way: A single plastered wall in the apartment looks particularly charming and can be aesthetically enhanced with individual photographs, pictures or wall tattoos.  

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Colorful arrangement

There are different ways of arranging art in your own home. Usually they are attached as individual pictures on several walls in our rooms and thus act as a striking object of observation. If you want to dare something different and turn your attention to the diverse forms of modern times, you will score points with the design of different images in combination with photographs and postcards on a wall in an asymmetrical arrangement. With it, you can charismatically enhance the wall in the living room and bedroom, the kitchen and the hallway as you like, and add a certain value to every single piece with selected colored frames in the interplay with frameless paintings. A growing trend that is welcome and in which complete walls with lettering and matching visual material combine to form a total work of art. Sometimes less is more, but in such a case, as this example nicely proves, more than once can be convincingly aesthetic and convey contemporary elegance to any room. 

Art instead of windows

Mosaic windows have a majestic effect, they exude something sacred and beautiful. No wonder, because in this way colored glass tablets were created to create unique works of art, which served as church decoration before the invention of stained glass. The special attraction of the art of stained glass rests on the tension between the material glass and the ever-changing, the multi-faceted colors in relation to life-inspiring light. First and foremost, the glass art called Tiffany, in which glass pieces are soldered with copper foil. With this technique you can make for example the extremely popular Tiffany window pictures or Tiffany lamps themselves. DIY videos from the net give us the instructions for crafting for an individual window creation with art character. As a result, extraordinary effects can be achieved, which create a harmonious atmosphere in the interior of the apartment with the incidence of light. In the color scheme you should only make sure that they are not too dark and not every apartment is suitable. The most beautiful effect is a mosaic painting in rooms with many and especially high windows. 

By the way: This elaborate mosaic window includes a tilting picture. On the one hand we see a family and on the other hand an abstract male portrait. An art form that offers a lot of scope for interpretation and proves to be a real presentation wonder. Because with such a picture the eyes linger longer.

wall Frame

Wall-filling and as an alternative art medium, the design with a wall-mounted wallpaper also forms the basis for our art collection. This makes certain pictures stand out better and, in the best case, picks up on colorful elements in the artwork itself. A nice example of such a room design with an individual art staging offers this picture. A portrait is stylishly framed by a simple wall wallpaper in unfinished form of the individual structures. A focussing effect that makes this portrait as an overall concept with a reading chair and wall wallpaper wonderfully merge. Anyone who chooses this type of wall design should pay attention to the symmetry in the play of colors, both in combination with the selected art, as well as the individual pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, too much abstract art can seem overloaded and overwhelm the perceived atmosphere in the room. With subtle colors and shapes, which seem harmonious in themselves, complete works of art can be staged and the apartment receives the longed-for and at the same time valuable museum character. 

Attach unexpected pieces

In order to put art in a different light and to achieve a certain degree of attention, the placement of a single art object with a surprising and thought-provoking effect is always recommended. Such art forms are special and give the space in our apartment a unique touch. How to decorate the four walls with which painting is solely in the personal interest of each person. Whether you prefer funny anecdotes or melancholic photographs, spectacular nature shots or erotic art, no matter the main thing sensational. Because art, in whatever form, provides conversation and illuminates our home in an extraordinary way, which one should not renounce. Breathe life into the rooms can be very simple with an individual art design and also brings more comfort for an atmospheric ambience to feel good. 

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