One plus with stars: the perfect house

You like modern design and straightforward purism, light-flooded rooms, pure luxury and that certain something? Then that's what
you see in this article, certainly your absolute dream home. It is from
from the pen of our Swiss experts from meier architects and just has
Everything you want from a modern dream home. We can even
Do not decide what impresses us most - the pool, the
Hammer view, the high-tech kitchen or the stylish wine cellar ?!

exterior view

The two-storey flat roof construction convinces at first glance with its modern, stylish look and opens with large glass surfaces to the garden, while it presents itself closed to the sides and to the street. In this way, the privacy of the residents is protected, but they can still enjoy maximum view and natural light. The house has a spacious garden with pool and spacious, partially covered terraces on the upper and ground floor.

Living room with a view

The living room upstairs has been completely glazed on one side and offers a breathtaking view over the surroundings. A television is almost superfluous in this scenery. The interior retains its style and taste, as the main character here is clearly the picturesque landscape that begins behind the house. Bright, natural colors and high quality materials determine the interior, as well as a clear design language and modern design.

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Inside and outside

Before we look around the house, we take another look outside. From the living room you reach through generous glass doors on the upper terrace, from which one can let the view far over the environment wander. A central aspect of the design is the merging of indoor and outdoor, which is achieved through the huge window surfaces and a harmonious uniform design of indoors and outdoors. Here you have to look twice to realize what interior and what terrace is. In this way, even in the cold season, the inhabitants feel they are in the midst of nature, and the living space seems to be expanded without limit.

Open interior

Back in the living room we let our eyes wander over the spacious, open interior. The living area flows fluently into the dining area and the kitchen, whereby the modern designer fireplace serves as a discreet room divider. The reduced form and color scheme continues here seamlessly, the kitchen impresses with stylish purism, handle-less fronts and high-tech equipment.


The bathroom is as stylish and modern as the rest of the house and radiates the same relaxed luxury flair. Here, too, the focus is on clean lines, high-quality materials and comfortable furnishings - kept in neutral tones and staged by sophisticated lighting. You almost feel like you are in the wellness area of ​​a designer hotel.

Room for wine

Finally, we look on the ground floor of the house, where there is another living room, which is used as a TV room and has direct access to the garden. The sweeping staircase in the background leads to the upper floor, but the real highlight we see in the foreground: Here, a room was created only for the noble drops of residents, in the perfect wine cellar requirements are given, but modern style and cool design was not waived.

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