Fabulous sideboards

They are a mixture of shelf and cabinet and that is exactly their advantage: A sideboard provides stowage space and at the same time a presentation area for favorite objects. Our experts have a variety of beautiful, partly custom-made sideboards on offer. Today we show a few exceptionally unusual pieces, which stand out unquestionably and, despite their small height, put almost everything else in the shade.

migratory birds

Fantastically beautiful is this black sideboard with golden flying birds, which stir up the wanderlust in us ... The design of the board is also classically simple. A gold-colored rail structure that connects the feet of the piece of furniture ensures color continuity. There are more beautiful animal deco ideas here.

Sideboard with showcase

A sideboard can also function as a showcase! Not always everything has to disappear behind closed doors. In this great handmade model of walnut wood even the lighting is integrated and sets special favorite objects so beautifully in scene.

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Leaned sideboard

This extraordinary piece captivates with the special material mix of birdseye maple, stainless steel and black lacquered medium density fibreboard (MDF).

Design sideboard

A white lacquered, very modern sideboard, which is particularly distinguished by the stylish inlays in brown oak. The drawers are mitred together.

Antique sideboard

And another sideboard with the classic design in black and gold. This time, however, in the bulbous antique style with detailed decorated golden decorative elements on the joints, which repeat in color and material also on the doorknobs.

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