Garden design – 11 simple ideas to imitate

You would like to give your garden a cool make-over, but somehow you are missing the sparkling idea? Then you are here
just right, because we have a colorful bouquet of garden inspiration for you in the
Luggage. There is definitely something for every taste, every style and every garden size
something suitable here.

1. High level

A garden trend that is not only visually convincing, but also really practical and makes any garden look bigger: differences in height structure the outdoor area and give it a more generous appearance. They are also the perfect complement to modern garden designs with clean shapes, natural colors and high quality materials.

2. Garden house with a difference

The classic garden shed made of wood and the romantic pavilion get competition: The gazebo of today presents itself simply, unfussy and super chic with reduced silhouettes, lots of glass and a styled design. A real asset to any garden!

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3. Off to bed

The days when we were still satisfied with wobbly plastic chairs are long gone. Today we turn our garden into a second living room with comfortable lounge furniture - or with the cool outdoor beds to the open-air bedroom. Pure luxury!

4. Minigarten maximally used

Even on the smallest surface you do not have to do without great style. This mini-garden shows how it works: With a harmonious mix of materials and a harmonious interplay of geometric shapes, it becomes a stylish design garden in XS format.

5. Small pool very big

We stick to the topic of "small but mighty" with a bit of inspiration for those who believe that their terraced garden and the dream of the pool can not be reconciled. When you set priorities and have the right ideas, everything works!

6. We extend the season

The summer was much too short and you are already mourning the relaxing hours in the garden? Then it's time for new perspectives! With the right plants, a stable canopy, windbreak, crackling fire and a few cuddly blankets, we extend the garden season well into the autumn.

7. Inspiration from the Far East

All fans of Far Eastern garden ideas are currently getting their money's worth, because Japanese-inspired outdoor areas are currently in great demand. From the koi pond to the pagoda and from the bridge to the birdhouse, everything is now in Japan-style.

8. Purism in its purest form

Less is more: this motto of life is currently reflected in both architecture and interior design. No wonder it is also at the top of the garden trend list. More and more gardeners are opting for maximum minimalism, a reduction to the essentials and an uncompromising clarity in the outdoor area.

9. Flowing transitions

The garden is becoming more and more a living space extension under the open sky. That's why it's getting harder and harder to see where the outside area ends and the interior begins. We feel most comfortable when the living room seamlessly merges into the terrace and this just as fluently in the garden.

10. Self-Catering

There is a counter trend for every trend. This is no different with the use and design of the garden. While some are focused on style and design, the others remember the original function of the garden and become self-sufficient with vegetable beds, fruit trees, herbal spirals and berry bushes.

11. Paradise on the roof

Finally, we have brought a really cool garden idea from Madrid, where the roof of a house was transformed into a beautiful sea of ​​flowers. Gardens are currently conquering backyards, flat roofs and house walls, turning once gray cities into green oases of well-being.

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