10 beautiful living rooms that bring you completely new ideas

There are countless creative possibilities to create a retreat with a beautiful living room in which one escapes everyday life. Gentle colors and natural materials come first when considering living room furniture. Our inspirations present further options that can be used to create beautiful spaces: soft colors can be accompanied by bold colors and, in a clearly structured interior, private favorites can emerge, giving the living room a personality. We will also draw attention to lighting concepts in the living room in this book of ideas, with which warm islands of light and glamorous accents can be set. Beauty is literally in the eye of the beholder, so the suggestions in this book of ideas should not be a strict template. Rather, we will pick out a special feature from the living room picture by picture and discuss it as a decorating tip for beautiful living room.

Living with nature

Whenever it is architecturally possible, the natural environment
should be included in the living concept, you should act accordingly. Here
The beautiful living room opens through a room high
Panoramic window of his environment and takes care of his
Furnishing elements and color design a model of nature.
Wellbeing and comfort brings our expert in this beautiful living room and invites you to, on the spacious seating area in
earth-brown to take a seat. The wild flor of the large area
Carpet has something rough, almost irrepressible in itself and brings along
Color and texture feel the wilderness in the room.

Nice living room with wellness factor

This beautiful living room has warm, natural colors. In a palette of cream over sand to pebble gray
they pull through the room and take up room walls, inventory and
Household textiles. At the sofa cushions may eventually more
Mix in natural colors, which invigorate the room atmosphere. The textiles in this living room are also interesting and beautiful. Curtains, sofa and cushions are mainly made of linen, cotton and silk. All these materials are products of nature that refresh the space with natural aura. The color spectrum of this living room is therefore chosen to match these materials and underlines their effect. You want to throw yourself in the sofa and sink into the pillows. To all this invites the sight
This living room, due to its sensual colors
and comfortable seating landscape convinced.

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Bold color play in the living room

To make the living room the highlight of the apartment, this attacks
Expert on color. A good advice and a simple transformation idea for
the design of beautiful living room. Become attractive effects
scored when you change the wall design to the color scheme of the furniture
adapts. The charm of the beautiful living room in the picture goes exactly from
this approach. Only slightly raise the blue sofas of
the blue environment and set with the white
Wooden beams a clear highlight in the room.

Light accents

Beautiful living rooms create accents and targeted eye-catching
attentive. Pictured can be seen as with simple
Color and light concept set scenic highlights in the room and
beautiful rooms are designed. With the main colors white and
Cream is broken in selected areas with hard black. On
high-contrast result, which is only topped by the lighting,
hanging from the ceiling as white balls and decorating the walls as pure white light wreaths. Become with this elegant ambience
beautiful living room to true showroom for special guests.

Books stage living room

Hardly anything seems more alive and comfortable in living rooms than books arranged on sideboards or entire shelves.
This photo shows a particularly beautiful living room whose walls
less supported by masonry than by shelves
seem to be. The almost floor to ceiling windows share the space to the
Walls with equally high bookshelves, from bottom to top
decorated with books and decorative. Not every house
has an architecture with such beautiful living room
can be realized, but it is enough with only one wall
To fill books in order to achieve a similar cozy result.

Light islands for beautiful living room

What nice living room next to color scheme and decor especially
is a harmonious lighting concept in the room. Preferably
This can be created by islands of light, like this example
shows. A triad of lights dangles in this living room
down the ceiling, where the eyes linger for a moment. No
Miracle, because mounted at different heights results in this trio
a lovely ensemble, the eye-catcher in the living room
is working. To design beautiful living spaces, these are needed
small surprises whose effect is enhanced when it is
is about lights.

Nice living room with personality

Not always decorative home accessories for living room need
come from the furniture business. Also with souvenirs from the holidays or
Simple Do It Yourself projects can be used to create beautiful spaces. They are objects that fill up the evening
Tell stories and tell us something about the
Reveal the personality of the inhabitants. It can be about
Oriental lights or cushions, self-made small furniture or
Paintings act. They all contribute to providing beautiful living rooms with authenticity and personality.

Unexcited beautiful living room

Sometimes a living room has to serve as a storeroom, too
does not mean that this makes beautiful living room impossible.
The photo shows perfectly as storage furniture in a living room
pragmatically inserted and converted as a seat opportunity
can be. Here, the focus was on the essentials,
so that a few cushions suffice as a backrest. additional,
large-sized seat cushions bring charm to the room and
prove that beautiful rooms with a few, practical
Handles can arise.

Interaction with the room architecture

How living rooms are subordinate to the space architecture
can, becomes clear in this photo. Every square meter of this
small attic apartment was precious in the interior design
and was used to the last. So takes place under the roof pitch
a low sofa square, which is formally as clear as
adapts to strict lines of the room. The minimalist geometries
can be found in furniture and architecture again and again and harmonize
therefore perfect. Should beautiful living rooms arise, is therefore too
recommend arrangement as formal language of the furniture as possible
Adapt spatial architecture.

Black-and-white & Gold for beautiful living room

With the colors black and white, living rooms often become
considered, but rarely in such a balanced relationship as in
illustrated example. The room is divided into living area, kitchen and
Dining on and uses the effect of color contrasts to visual
To perform room separations. Predominantly in black enters the beautiful
Living area while white determines the look of the kitchen.
All lights in the room are black in color, only the central one
Pendant light is gilded inside and guides with this highlight
our eyes on you. A black curtain ensures actual
Room separation, through which we are completely on the beautiful living room
can concentrate. More inspirations to appealing living rooms we share in this book of ideas.

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