Top 5 of the week: indispensable tips and ingenious living ideas

Another week is over and we had everything from breathtaking houses to clever interior design ideas to indispensable tips for home and garden. If you have missed anything between Christmas shopping, baking cookies and drinking mulled wine, do not worry: we have summed up the highlights of the week here again for you. And there were the smaller projects in your favor. A soulful renovation, a sweet Swedish house and highlights for the roof - it does not always have to be the pompous new building.

1st renovation with feeling

The clear winner is this house with its wonderful transformation from the 1950s standard to a stylish single-family home. Just in time for Christmas, the architects put a lot of emotion into the project and carefully renovated the building. Consciously it was renounced on fancy glass fronts and cubic extensions, so that the house retains its charm. Follow the whole renovation again and let yourself be inspired by the result!

2. Sweet Sweden house

Second place occupies this beautiful little house with only 40 square meters of living space. That may sound little at first, but in fact the house has everything you need. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, even for a storage room is space. At the back there is even a terrace! Pictures of the interior and the unbeatable price can be found in the matching article.

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3. Furnishing tips with coziness guarantee

Nothing is more beautiful than cosiness in the dark season. Country style is a perennial anyway and so we could inspire you with our rustic living ideas for a cozy home. There is something for every room. Wood furniture and natural stone walls are known, but we also have some great tips for the floor and a very special bed ready. Curious? Then just read again. 

4. Plan bathroom

Of course, rebuilding or renovating the entire house costs a lot of time, money and nerves. But even with the redesign of only one room can already achieve a tremendous effect. How about, for example, a new bathroom and the long-awaited, freestanding bathtub? In our guide you will find tips and tricks that make the bathroom planning child's play and guarantee a great result.

5. Flat roof flash

The conclusion of our highlights is a colorful parade of fantastic flat roofs. They are not only incredibly cool and modern, but also really practical. From flat roofs can be so much more than just a snappy conclusion of the house! The solar system shown here is far from everything. We say only: roof terrace, garden and jacuzzi! Discover the numerous possibilities in our matching article!

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