Tips for more storage space in the hallway

Ample storage space in the hallway is always in demand. The hall or the hallway basically offer too little storage space, no matter how big this area may be. A phenomenon that can be found in every household. If the hallway is too small or maybe cut like a long hose, cabinets could make the passage too narrow. Even if a tasteful wardrobe is set up, it can indeed enrich the hall and ensure order, but still not provide sufficient storage space. The reason for this phenomenon is obvious: Our idea of ​​a corridor and what should be found in it differs significantly from the usual ideas. However, different manufacturers also consider the group of individuals with individual wishes and ideas when developing their products.


Wardrobes are available in different styles and can vary in size. You could do it though
also customize. Isolated manufacturers offer the possibility to change the wardrobe according to your needs
adapt. In any case, she should not just be an eye-catcher
but also be very functional. Various
Criteria should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate wardrobe,
so that it fits perfectly into your style.
no matter which furnishing style you apply in the other rooms, the
Style of the corridor may remain unaffected. 

The wardrobe should be in
First and foremost with the wall design and the design of the floor
harmonize. The piece of furniture itself should be placed so that it
benefits from the light source. Wardrobes, which are advantageous
Provide sufficient storage space and at the same time seem tidy. in the
Ideally, the overall picture is completed by a stylish mirror.
In addition, of course, an attractive bank added
which allows comfortable shoe straps.

built-in wardrobe

A very creative solution, for more storage space in the hallway, is achieved by built-in wardrobes. However, it must be acknowledged that this is a very time-consuming measure. The built-in wardrobe can be realized in virtually all niches and especially well under staircases. With the right concept, such cabinets can become real space wonders, which can be practically used and make disorder a foreign word.

The functions of such cabinet solutions can be chosen differently. Of course, a combination of different techniques is conceivable. If you want drawers and cabinets, all you have to do is make sure you use hinges instead of rails in the places provided. In any case, you get a first-class look and a functional storage space that brings order to the corridor. If the effort is too high for you, you can also opt for simple shelving systems that can be arranged through boxes and closed by doors.

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mirror cabinet

A mirror in the bathroom, a mirror cabinet in the bedroom or dressing room, that's the original idea of ​​many who set up their own home. The mirror cabinet in the hallway is often forgotten. A wardrobe belongs in every hallway and with it a mirror, which in the best case even hides a cupboard.

A mirror cabinet offers plenty of space for accessories and jackets and thus contributes significantly to the order in the hallway. The drawers are ideal for storing gloves and not infrequently also a hat rack is included. Most importantly, before leaving the house, you can take one last look in the mirror to make sure everything is in place. A mirror cabinet in the hallway gives visitors a first landmark when they first enter your own four walls. In addition, they give the impression of a well-kept household.


folding shelves

Shelves provide the opportunity to generate more storage space in the hallway. However, if these are open models, it may negatively affect the effect of the room. The choice should therefore fall on lockable versions. Cabinets containing shelving and closed by doors offer an attractive alternative. Not infrequently, these shelves are used to accommodate the shoes.

However, average shelves have the disadvantage that they are not directly visible, so a tedious search in a stooping attitude is necessary. However, if you want more comfortable shoe removal, folding shelves may be an original solution. They offer space for several shoe pairs and you can grab from the top of the shelves to choose the right shoes for your outfit. Folding shelves look appealing and bring additional unobtrusive storage space in the hallway.

wall unit

Of course, the design of the corridor is also a question of editing. Not infrequently, the corridor is simple and straight cut. Finally, the fact that the gait is not particularly wide may make matters worse. A wall unit offers an ideal solution here. They make the room a little tighter, but the supply of storage space is increased above average, because this cabinet uses the entire surface of the wall, down to the ceiling.

At first glance, a wall unit for the corridor may look a bit oversized. However, in this piece of furniture, everything that was originally in the hallway is also found. A wardrobe, a mirror and of course enough shelves for the shoes. In addition, the wall unit convinces with a large additional space and, depending on the choice of the model, with an attractive lighting. The cupboard wall not only offers a lot of storage space in the hall, but it is also possible an order system that impresses the viewer.

stack cabinets

With stacking cabinets you can create individual storage space for your corridor. They can be arranged and stacked as desired. In addition, you have the choice whether you use closed versions or favor open models. Of course, the different cabinets can also be combined. With stacking cabinets, you will always get a furnishing option that will allow you to creatively design your hallway.

If imagination and creativity are not foreign words for you, with the stacking cabinets you can not only create storage space for the corridor, but also design your own wardrobe. All you need for this is the utensils, which are suitable as clothes hooks and are based on the optical style of your stacking cabinets. You can also extend the wardrobe with a mirror and round off the entire composition with stylish seating.

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