Colorful kids furniture

When it comes to setting up the nursery, everything is allowed that pleases the little ones and meets the safety requirements of their parents. But one thing should definitely not be found there: boredom. To make sure that you are still a long way off, you like to use unusual and colorful furniture when designing your children's room. The creations of our experts show that they can also be fun.

Designer chair for children

With the armchair Flux Junior Keep design and fun moving into the nursery. Why is this designer chair perfect for the nursery? It is hardwearing and washable. In addition, the chair folds up and, with a thickness of only 15 millimeters, is also easy to stow. Thanks to the robust material properties, it is also suitable for outdoor games and fun.

Multifunctional piece of furniture

With OTTOintheMOON Do you have in the nursery a piece of furniture that accompanies the little ones for years. Because it can be used as a mobile cot, safe junior bed and cozy ottoman. Children up to 8 years can get comfortable in it. A combination of 100% natural wool and high-quality wood enhances the well-being.

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guest mattress

It seems to be a kind of mystery, but one thing is for sure: when it comes to seeing foxes, it is not only the little ones who get bright eyes. All the more, this piece of furniture is even suitable for all ages. This guest mattress mattress was upholstered with a cute fox motif and with a size of 1.80 x 0.70 cm is a fun game for the little ones and a great place to sleep for the adults. 

The mattress is foldable three times and provided with a carrying handle. So it can be easily transported from children to the living room.

Pretty stool

With the colorful stool Otto The little ones can make themselves comfortable anywhere. Thanks to the slightly curved seat, the stool is particularly comfortable. The use of high quality and solid wood guarantees that this piece of furniture can be a part of the nursery for a long time.

Colorful desk

Finding a suitable desk for the nursery is not that easy. It should be as scratch-resistant as possible, easy to clean and, at best, height-adjustable. And who could conceive a desk better for children than a person who knows exactly how demanding the furniture is?

The product designer and furniture maker Almut Bouchon realized exactly these ideas and created the LNO table: The linoleum worktop is up to the challenge and thanks to a simple mechanism, the table can be easily adjusted in height.

Trash with style

Of course, a trash can also belong to a well-equipped desk. And with this beautifully patterned model makes the disposal of paper even more fun. Incidentally, lilac and white are a perfect combination of colors for a magical children's room, which is also often used for bedding or curtains.

Individual pillows

Colorful accessories undoubtedly belong in every nursery. Even better are these accessories, even if they are still cuddly. Individually printed cushions can not only beautify the room, but also increase the cuddle factor. The pillow and font color can be adapted to your own wishes and is thus not only a gift for the little ones. 

More tips for setting up the nursery can be found here: cozy corner in the nursery.

Colorful shelf

Keeping things organized is one of the big challenges that you probably face in every nursery. In order to give the little ones a playful sense of order, fun and attractive storage options are ideal. The clearing up of the books is certainly much more fun if you can stow it in the mouth of this friendly looking Mobys.

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