7 simple cleaning tricks that everyone really has time for!

We all know that - time is running out, you have to go to work, have an appointment with the doctor or do not want to make your friends wait unnecessarily long, things fly around the apartment quickly, get dumped in a corner, the garbage can out tonight or tomorrow, there's no time to do the dishes; I'll do that later, then mumble. There are some things that are done quickly and for which you actually have time. What exactly these are and how to ensure more order and cleanliness in no time, the following tricks will tell you. 

1. Clear away objects

Whether in the living room or bedroom, in the kitchen or on the corridor - in every room there is something lying around or left standing, after all, you do not just live, you also live. Still, you can spend at least five minutes taking a walk around the flat, collecting or quickly cleaning things around; be it the breadcrumbs on the table that can be wiped off, the clothes on the chair that belong in the laundry or last week's newspapers that no one ever reads. As a whole, things may look a lot, so you do not even feel like it. But often it's just little things that are done in a jiffy. Promised! 

2. Wipe off door and cabinet handles

Just sneezed, the hand held while coughing at the mouth, borrowed a pen from colleagues or returned from shopping and the next moment uses the door handle - you would not even imagine exactly what bacteria are on such a door handle. Of course, we are not meticulous, because bacteria also strengthen our defenses, but also door and cupboard handles should occasionally be cleaned. How to do this the fastest? Simply take a disinfectant wipe and go with it all the door handles in your apartment or in your house. Just as well it makes but also provided with a vinegar cloth. Fast and effective, the handles shine on top of that in a new light. Perfect!

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3. Clean the handbag

In a handbag accumulates with time so much. So it's time to clear them out. All things brought out, one finds not only not only some forgotten again, but also all kinds of crumbs. This is no wonder in the constant in and out and in the daily urban bustle, in which the handbag is a faithful vehicle. Quickly remove them with a lint roller. Yes, exactly, right. This is not only there to remove lint from our clothes, but can also be skillfully used for the liberation of bread crumbs and Co. from our handbag. Also backpack, sports bag and baby bag do not want to be forgotten. But that's not all: the roll of adhesive tape can be used just as well for lampshades, the sofa, the curtains or even the car seats. So the lint roller is a real all-rounder and it's always made fast. 

4. Clean and disinfect the sink

In the sink not only used dishes, but also leftovers from the food. In addition to the cleaning of plates, glasses, cutlery and Co. should therefore also be cleaned after every wash the sink. Because residues of food just mean bacteria and bad smell. Simply take a different sponge or rag than you use for the dishes, douse it in vinegar essence and wipe it out with the sink. For the even faster version you simply fall back on disinfection spray - the effect is the same. And best of all, the whole thing does not take longer than washing the dishes yourself! 

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5. Wash towels

Towels and tea towels are often used for a long time, although they should have been washed long ago. Often they lose themselves in the sports bag or were put together while still wet. That cries for an intensive wash! And that's done in no time. Just go to your apartment from, especially of course bathroom and kitchen, collects all towels and tea towels and washcloths, sorted by color and provides the washing machine (which basically does all the work anyway) to 60 degrees. For an extra cuddly soft feeling you should not forget the fabric conditioner - preferably with a pleasant smell for you for a triple beautiful experience freshly washed towels.

6. Clean and disinfect the toothbrush

Just had a cold or nasty herpes had? Then you should definitely deep-clean your toothbrush. One does not even believe what multiplicity of bacteria gathers in this little brushhead. If your toothbrush (manual or electric) is not older than a month or has crooked bristles, it should be regularly disinfected. All you need is a mug in which you give antiseptic mouthwash, so much that the head of the toothbrush is covered. After allowing it to work for a few minutes or overnight, remove it, rinse it with water and put it in a place to dry. Since you basically have all things in the household anyway, this means almost no effort.

7. Free the shower head of lime

Every day several liters of water flow through the shower head. No wonder, then, that limescale builds up here. The site is very common, but you come because of the protruding nubs but not close to the actual deposits. There is a great trick that makes the work almost by itself. Simply turn the shower head off the hose. Then fill a freezer bag with vinegar essence and lemon juice, dip the shower head into the bag, so that the head is completely covered with the mixture. But beware, baking soda has no business here. Then you close the bag with a rubber and put the whole thing in a bucket. Acted overnight, you rinse your head the next day with water and screw it back to the hose. So that no residues remain from the vinegar, you should allow the head to run through with water; finished! The result: a showerhead that looks like new!

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