Trendy, modern, creative: wall design with wow factor

Today, we have plenty of inspiration for those of you who give their walls a breath of fresh air and do not give up
want to resort to conventional wallpaper and Co. It should be for your home
would rather be something special? Then you are with our wall design experts
from LOFT DESIGN SYSTEM precisely. They have creative plaster panels
specializing in giving each room personality and a contemporary, cool look
to lend. The selection of possible designs, models and looks is huge ...

Concrete look for cool industrial styles

Raw, simple, naturally beautiful - concrete plays an increasingly important role in interior design. However, the trend material also has disadvantages, because the installation is often complicated due to its immense weight. For those who want to get the trendy concrete look home, but do not want to do without lightness and easy handling, offers CONCRETE from LOFT DESIGN SYSTEM a great alternative. These are plasterboard, which look like concrete but are much lighter. Thus, no additional attachment is needed. A super cool, effective and practical wall design!

Concrete look details

Each gypsum panel from the CONCRETE-Series has a unique pattern that mimics the natural texture of real concrete, creating the deceptively real look. The current range of our experts includes three colors: dove gray, stone gray and ivory white. The panels are also available in three sizes, so everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect kind of wall decoration for their home. An additional advantage of plasterboard compared to real concrete: they require no further treatment.

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Walls in trendy 3D look

Another trend in wall design is the 3D look, which is also in the range of LOFT DESIGN SYSTEM can be found. Again, these are gypsum panels that are easy and quick to install and give every room that certain something. Customers can choose from a wide range of designs - from geometric shapes to canyon-like reliefs, drop optics, stripes and more, to romantic flowers. In the color design of the 3D panels you can be creative yourself and let your imagination run wild: You can repaint the panels at any time with interior wall paint in your favorite color.

3D for the nursery

The 3D wall design of our experts is also wonderful for the nursery. In addition to the special design and the uncomplicated assembly, parents should be particularly impressed by the factor of ecology and healthy living. At the panels of LOFT DESIGN SYSTEM It is an environmentally friendly natural product whose main ingredient is natural gypsum - 100% ecological, pollutant-free and health-friendly.

Artworks of the highest quality

LOFT DESIGN SYSTEM not only has ideas for the complete wall design in store, but also great designs for those who want to set accents with a modern interpretation of classic paintings and works of art. The LOFT MURAL-The collection is aimed at discerning customers and offers premium quality in a class of its own thanks to a special, gentle surface finish. Here we see the model ARCHETYPE, that reminds of a labyrinth with its winding corridors.

Inspired by nature

This photo shows that inspired by the nature of Africa MURAL-model MOUGINS, which gives the wall the effect of a sun-ruptured soil and gives each room character and personality.

Generous formats for great spaces

Finally, we show you a drawing of the model ARCHETYPE, the impressive size of this premium collection: The dimensions of 342 x 240 cm, the panels are especially suitable for large rooms and large-scale wall surfaces, where the extraordinary designs are particularly good effect.

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