Round coffee and side tables

Angular or round? This question turns up in search of a new coffee table pretty fast. For everyone who is too round
We have brought an Ideabook full of inspiration today. Because
Of course, round is not always round. Elegant, classic, purist,
unusual, rustic, colorful, refined - the choice is large and
multi-faceted, round tables are available in many colors, sizes,
Materials and variations. So it is under warranty for each one of you
matching model.

Double elegance

In this photo you do not see about two tables, but one. The two round table tops are connected by their black iron legs. The different heights and diameters as well as the polished stone surface in marbled shades of brown make this elegant table the star in your living room.


Who says tables can only have a certain number of legs? This cool model does not even think about getting into any
To put drawers and enchants us with his in loving
Handmade design. In this side table old wood meets
discarded kitchen worktops and cupboards on natural ash branches. On
individual and original eye-catcher!

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Small detail, great effect

This table is simple in form and simple, but still convinces with a very effective idea. All attention is directed here to the two-color table top. The inner gray circle is arranged asymmetrically on the pink plate - a fact that, together with the contrast of the colors, creates an unmistakable note.

You like pink? Then you will find in our Ideabook Crazy for pink many more interior design ideas.


Why limit yourself to a tabletop, if you can have three? This stylish model convinces with three different sized and large round plates, one of which additionally dances out of the series with its material. While the rest of the table is glossy lacquered, it is made of fine walnut wood. A cool twist in futuristic design.

table family

The table family WOOD FELLAS consists of four different models that can be used individually or in combination. Especially practical: due to the contemporary design language, the tables can be used both in the bedroom as a bedside table as well as in the living room as a side table. The design is a skilful combination of formal elegance and craftsmanship.


The amazing feature this round coffee table brings is not visible at first glance, but this innovative piece of furniture changes color depending on the light.


This round table with three legs became for followers of the principle less is more designed. Simple geometric forms meet simple, plain wood - a stylish yet subtle addition to Scandinavian-inspired interiors and minimalist interiors.

Table with industrial career

This cool coffee table was once a cable roll and is now fully in his new job. An original eye-catcher for those who love the extraordinary and who like a good dash of rustic industrial style in the living room.

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