Stylish room dividers for clever living

The ideal room design always presents a challenge when it comes to very large rooms or when apartments should receive an appealing layout. But exactly in such tasks you can let off steam and completely deviate from the conventional style. With creativity and unusual ideas, you can develop a sophisticated room concept, from which a very exclusive style results. Although classic room dividers are available in a wide variety, there are also attractive solutions apart from these elegant aids normal Furnishings can fulfill the same purpose. If you let your imagination run free here, then you can design your rooms individually, functionally and with your own design. 

Flexible room dividers with optical effects

Especially with smaller rooms, it is not unusual to ask how they can be made visually more creative and, if necessary, can also have a more generous effect. Of course you can use classic room dividers. However, you can, for example, with solutions from, also one second Create space. For this you can use blinds, sliding panels or roller blinds. The advantages are obvious: You get a privacy screen with different designs or pictures and two separate Rooms. If your visit is expected by more than one person, the room divider can be effortlessly removed so that everyone can sit at a table.

The specialists of offer you a variety of solutions for every taste. You can choose what suits your interior and you best. You are flexible in model and design, so you will get an individual and unique room divider in your apartment or room.

Open and functional - the shelf as a room divider

If you want a room divider that is functional and convinces with light transmission, an open shelf is the optimal solution. You can connect the shelf to a wall or place it in the middle of the room. Very important, of course, is a sufficient securing or attachment of the shelf, so this can not tip over. The shelf pictured here Marcy Ricciardi Arquiletura Interior is ideal as a translucent room divider. You can place sophisticated decorations in them without losing much light, and yet at the same time you can clearly separate the space in half.

This is just an example. There are many possibilities and models how to use a shelf as a room divider. Of course, you gain shelf space through a shelf, but the shelf should fit into the style of the furniture, as it receives a strong presence as a room divider.

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Room divider for the stylish border of the terrace

If you want to make your patio tasteful and stylish, without a turf or a flower bed embodying the limit, you can opt for modern room divider. When choosing the appropriate model, however, you should note that the selected model also fulfills various requirements for outdoor use. The room divider will only make you happy when it is on your terrace and not after a violent storm decorates the neighboring garden.

The model of your choice should be resistant to general environmental influences, waterproof and heavy. This can be achieved by using different materials that are used in the various models. Various room dividers also allow planting, so you get a kind of flower box, which rounds off your terrace tastefully.

Tasteful pieces of furniture as a room divider

The right choice of furniture can be very helpful in interior design. If you are not averse to a modern style, you may benefit from the design of your sofa or sideboard. The characteristics of some pieces of furniture allow a tasteful use of the interior as a room divider. There are various furnishing experts who develop furniture specifically for this purpose.

The design of the furniture must match the rest of the interior, so that visually a connection to the corresponding space can be made. The example on the picture impressively illustrates how you can skilfully combine two styles. The room divider consists of two parts. In the foreground the sideboard in the design of the 1970s and behind a sofa in modern design. This combination gives the impression that it is two rooms. Numerous interior designers can creatively assist you in implementing such ideas.

Stylish and unusual design - The room divider in the front yard

If you are in the lucky situation of residing in your own house, that is often associated with a generous plot of land. Often there are in front of the house and behind the house larger garden areas that you want to make naturally appealing. Especially the front garden is always in the public eye. Again, you can set impressive accents with a room divider.

Not everyone has a room divider in the front yard, which is partly due to the fact that he is not considered as such. Of course, this component of the front garden design should also be weather-resistant, so you can enjoy it for a long time. You can customize this accessory and receive further suggestions from the design experts. You can fix there bell, mailbox, lighting and house number and round off the room divider with beautiful plants impressively. This type of front garden design is very individual, impressive and stands out from other front gardens tastefully.

Cozy and practical - The counter as a room divider in the open kitchen

Open kitchens are modern and in demand. In addition to a modern look, it offers plenty of space and a large work surface. In addition, open kitchens are not so restrictive. However, if you still want to create a demarcation without reducing the open kitchen space, you can easily design a room divider that can be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen unit.

In order to unobtrusively integrate a room divider into an open kitchen, counters are ideal. If you like the example in the picture of the experts of Nieskromne Progi, can be extended in this way, the kitchen and an additional cabinet used and attached to a countertop. The surface can be easily adapted to the look of the rest of the kitchen, resulting in your modification of an extension of the work surface and a room divider. If you want to add extra touches, you can install a shelf at the top of the counter that can be used to store spices or other kitchen utensils.

Warmest recommendation - The stove in the room divider is a real eye-catcher

Particularly impressive are room dividers, which visually stand out from the average models. Isolated models you can plant flowers, illuminate or use as a counter. A real highlight, however, is a room divider in which a stove is located.

Such a room divider is not only an extraordinary eye-catcher, but it also heats extremely efficiently, because it can give off its heat in all directions. With this solution, you not only benefit from an appealing layout with design, but also from a cozy atmosphere in the middle of the room when the fire is burning.

Room divider - secure stairs with design

If you want to distance yourself from ordinary staircases, just to go elsewhere in design, a decent room divider would be an appealing option. Less cold in terms of impact, not only can secure staircases, but also make handsome and individual.

Completing the stairwell with this option gives you stable protection so people do not fall down the stairs. In addition, you can make the room divider to your taste and if necessary, install a handrail. Let yourself be inspired and create appealing solutions for every taste.

Design room divider in a varied way with appealing applications

The layout of the rooms takes into account the style and design of the interior and the corresponding premises. You can use various possibilities to get attractive room dividers. Depending on your creativity, the look has a positive effect on the entire room.

If you are inclined to classic solutions, they can often be adjusted in addition something. You can stylishly modify a simple room divider with stylish applications, such as those of the carpentry professionals Focke, so that at the end a tasteful eye-catcher takes over the division of your premises.

Optical room dividers set stylish accents

If you want to dispense with dividing your rooms on divider, then visual effects offer excellent. For example, you can get a lot of impact by using different colors, or adding accents to applications.

As in this picture, you can achieve a tasteful separation of the space by installing beams. The rustic-looking room divider stands out clearly from the rest of the furnishings and interior design, so that a room separation is visually very clearly recognizable. However, the limits of creativity have not yet been reached, as these cool examples impressively prove.

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