10 fabulous and original breakfast bars

Kitchen counters are today one of the central components of modern kitchens - if the room dimensions allow for installation. There are
infinite forms, colors and built-in functions that help us to do that
to find suitable design for our kitchen. Of course, a kitchen island should not just look great.
Because it has as well as the other modules of the kitchen a task. We can
to cook or rinse it, to stow and eat dishes and kitchen utensils and
drink. So before we decide on a particular island, we should plan exactly what it should. We show you today beautiful concepts for 10 breakfast bars,
from which you can be inspired. Have lots of fun with it!

1. Untreated solid wood

A very simple variant, a rather puristic bar too
Design is an L-shaped kitchen bar. In our example, this was off
made of untreated wood and thus looks very natural. Along with
the very modern bar stools that shimmer transparent, the kitchen gets one
very individual look.

2. Mulitfunktional

Sometimes, it seems, there is simply no room for a kitchen bar. But with a bit of planning skill can be found in the smallest living room no room for a small bar. Also in our second example, the space is cramped. Because the kitchen has to share the space with living room and dining area. That is why a long but narrow kitchen island has been deliberately integrated, where it is possible to cook, wash and even eat.

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3. Stop at the counter

This minimalist kitchen island is a great idea though
you want to sit down briefly: For example, for a quick morning coffee
or for guests who are waiting for the start of the evening dinner. Here you can beautiful
Share moments with friends or family. While the kitchen block in white the
was adjusted to a different setting, a worktop made of dark stone was installed. Perfect,
if you have to rinse here and do not always want to see the first filth.

4. Tender ties in the industry look

This kitchen counter really invites you to relax on Friday
after work, right? At the white kitchen block was a stylish narrow
and integrated rather filigree wooden bar, where comfortably take three people
can. In this kitchen with a white-painted brick wall in industrial look
the kitchen gets a very casual look.

5. A kitchen with all the trimmings

This kitchen has really integrated everything, what you like
can make. At the center of the kitchen is a block with gas stove and more dominant
Hood. The kitchen appliances hang here conveniently directly on the hood,
so that the cook has everything at hand when preparing the food, which he
needed fast. Drawers with plenty of storage space in the block itself complete the great
Kitchen island off. Due to the L-shaped arrangement of the remaining modules, however, a breakfast bar has been integrated into which three people can sit.

6. Bar for miniature cuisine

A counter can also fit in a few square meters -
as in this kitchen, which does not have much more space than a pantry.
The small black bar acts not only as a seat, but
also separates the small niche discreetly from the rest of the living room.

7. Brilliant appearance for a narrow bar

Also, this kitchen, which looks beautiful in the result,
was due to the dimensions of space before major challenges. Because the kitchen is
Although very long, but also relatively narrow, which made the installation of a bar challenging. But parallel to the fitted kitchen here was a long narrow
Integrated counter on which the residents can sit, but with the face to. But at least it is
enough space to have breakfast, read a newspaper or drink coffee.

8. counter or dining table?

This kitchen counter is actually more of a dining table than a kitchen counter
Bar. Because it is as wide as a table and has room for four people,
who can also sit opposite each other. We mean: one
Good compromise for this kitchen, whose work area is particularly high
has been. For a dining table at normal height would have been too inharmonious. So
but the bar is a nice symbiosis with only slightly lower height
the other kitchen.

9. The extended worktop

A simple but logical way to put a bar in the
Integrating kitchen is the visual extension of the countertop. To
However, as in our example, the kitchen has to open in
can protrude into the open living area. But so closes the kitchen to the left with a modern eye-catcher and sets an optical border to the apartment door. 

10. Furious finale

We want to end today with a kitchen island that does it
really has in itself. Nestled in a red glossy kitchen, the block shines as the undisputed center of the room. The island offers many
Functions at once. It's not just a bar, because here you can cook and
be washed off. And who would not like to be in such a stylish environment.

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