A clearly defined house

The architectural firm FW4 | Architects has built a modern interpreted atrium house in Montabaur, Rhineland-Palatinate. As a rule, one speaks of an atrium house, if the house in the central plan has a space open to the sky, which one calls atrium. The yard can either be opened to the sky or closed with a glass roof. The room experiences light through an opening in the roof leading to the adjoining rooms.

The office was founded in 2001 and works alongside classical architectural projects as well as interdisciplinary commissions and works in the fields of lighting, furniture, graphic design, photography and web design. 

The atrium house

Today, the atrium house means a special variety of the detached family house. Often the house is one-storey and angular designed. It encloses in most cases two to three sides of the garden court. The result is an open atrium that still offers a lot of privacy. Atrium houses of this type are often erected in entire settlements. These settlements are called carpet settlements because they are reminiscent of a carpet pattern because of the openings seen from above.

Shape of the atrium house

Here we see the entrance area of ​​the house. The driveway in front of the house was neatly paved. Concrete slabs strictly limit the way and zonieren parts of a modern rock garden. The atrium house extends over the entire property width. The one- and two-storey volumes are arranged so that the road is a wide front with only small projections and openings. The back of the house, which is open to the garden side, is like a modern atrium house. In a south-west-oriented positioning, the building opens and formulates an atrium that adjoins the interiors on the same level.

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Meaningful placement of the shed

Since the atrium house has a fireplace, of course, must be taken care of properly firewood. Conveniently, a deposit of several stere wood was scheduled. This takes up the formal language of the purist house. Also in terms of color, the use of the material concrete creates a parallel to the atrium house. In addition, the cube provides a screen to the street.

dining room

The spacious dining area of ​​the Atriumhaus is located in the immediate center of the ground floor and can accommodate up to six people. On the short wall side, there is an art installation that gives life to the straightforward character of the house. In total, seven different figures, each standing on a small pedestal, line the wall. A beautiful structural element is the window of the living room, which seems to be flush with the floor due to the missing lower window frame. The view into the garden is staged by the water surface in the garden and closed by the exposed concrete wall at the border. The atrium is thus closed from four sides and remains secluded. Wide lines of sight inside the house maximize the building's dimension.

living room

Here we are in the open-plan living room. The furniture has been reduced to a minimum and is very minimalist. Only two armchairs, which at the same time set a color accentuation, adorn the living room. The two colors follow the famous color concept of the Bauhaus. The famous architect Bruno Taut used paint as a means to create individual areas. The living room is screened by a modern fireplace.


A black staircase leads to the first floor of the house. At regular intervals, spotlights were inserted into the wall, illuminating the steps. The extension of the first stage creates a flush and clean finish to the wall. The hall uses white and gray tones as well as black, creating a modern ambience. Spacious cabinets, which occupy the entire height of the room, provide convenient storage space in the entrance area. 

Further ideas for stairs can be found in the Ideabook: Seven different stairs


Finally, we show you the bathroom. The coloring was consistently continued here as well. The design of the sanitary furniture is modern. A red stripe in the corner of the bathroom creates a colored decoration element and sets a highlight.

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