Budget for beginners – this is how you organize it cleverly

Keeping track of the budget is often not easy. Laundry and washing constantly fall on, dust wants to be vacuumed and cleaned up. At the latest, if the windows have a gray haze, through which one can barely see through, one remembers the whole work, which occur in the household at longer intervals, but nonetheless reliably want to be done. If you want to keep your budget under control with as little effort as possible, you need a plan and you have to keep the system in order. For this you do not have to be an organizational talent, once you have created basic structures and removed everything superfluous from the house or apartment. After all, there are all sorts of little helpers that make order in the household a breeze. In addition to checklists and a "monitoring plan", for example, intelligent storage systems ensure that everything can quickly disappear again in its place.

Prepare and monitor

Who can create order in the household, must create the basic structures for it. This includes preparing for cleaning up, sorting and organizing. The best way to help is a budget in the form of an annual or diary. First, two lists are created - one with the daily and weekly tasks, one with the things that have to be done at least once a year. The tasks, which are less frequent, are entered into the calendar with appointments. The decorating for Easter and Christmas, window cleaning and the basement can be tidied up. But also gardening, regular work on the house or apartment and planned renovations are in the calendar. The tasks that occur every week can be entered in a weekly schedule. For a daily schedule, lists are provided with names and with which the tasks can be distributed to different persons.

Make checklists

It is especially enjoyable when the resulting budget calendar is such an eye-catcher that it is often brought out. Depending on the distribution of tasks in the weekly and annual plan, weekly checklists can also be helpful. Not every day you create what is currently pending. On the checklist you can just delete what you have done and keep track of the workload that needs to be done. In addition to checklists for cleaning, checklists can be saved as templates for purchasing in the PC. These shorten the shopping times when they contain all the things that need to be purchased regularly. Above all, if food is stored for a long time in the pantry, in the cellar or in the kitchen cabinet, checklists with the expiration date are a good idea. This keeps track of what is in stock and about the food and canned food that needs to be consumed in a timely manner.

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Use storage systems

Baskets, drawers and boxes are the perfect helpers. Shoe boxes with photos of the shoes in them are
as practical as transparent boxes and close-meshed baskets.
Important in all storage systems is that it is clear what is going on where
located. Is not that thanks to the material immediately apparent, can
the drawers and boxes are labeled. Which storage system
the right one always depends on its use. So can in
Nursery will be helpful to another system than on
Hobby work. The home office places different demands on the home office
Storage, as the desk in the living room and the wardrobe
A teenager wants to be rearranged differently than the one
Family mom. 

Individual storage systems can also be prepared by the carpenter.

Finding a place for everything

One of the most common causes of disorder is that things just do not have a fixed place. A crowded shoe rack, toys lying around in every nook and cranny, and magazines piled on the table in the living room are real classics. If every part has its place, it usually finds its way back to it quickly. Here it helps to divide the objects into categories. A typical example is the wardrobe - sweaters come in one, pullovers in the other drawer. Sometimes, however, helps a rethink. If you spend half an hour every morning picking out the right clothes, you can also arrange the clothes in the closet afterwards. A pair of black trousers and a plain white blouse and matching underwear can be put on a hanger, eliminating the need to search Monday morning before the meeting.

A box for memories

Almost everyone has things that he may not find beautiful, but of which he can not separate for emotional reasons. The grandma's flower vase, her aunt's help or the self-made pot warmer from the niece - these things are best placed in a "box of memories". This can be brought out at any time, without dusting the objects in the apartment every day and disturbing the brushing rather than joy.

In creative boxes for individual living ideas, the memorabilia can be kept very beautiful. 

Throw away papers

Especially for the workplace applies - dispose of old papers necessarily. Most of the writing can be done easily over the Internet, and sometimes it's better to scan documents for safety and store them safely instead of collecting them in folders for years. In the case of documents subject to retention, it is advisable to archive them in folders by year and to dispose of the papers after expiry of the statutory retention obligation. For example, for individuals, there is a two-year retention period for invoices and other evidence of taxable benefits. Then they can be disposed of easily. Only with still valid guarantees it is advisable to keep the invoice beyond the 2-year period.

Sell ​​what you no longer need

Storage space is the biggest selling point for more order in the household. Often it is given away by things that are no longer used, or perhaps even never used. These "dust collectors" can be worth money. But how do you sell them? There are a variety of options. Online auction houses, swap platforms or stock exchanges for used can be found on the Internet. Even the classic flea market is a solution. Anyone who has children gets rid of old toys, clothes and books at special children's flea markets, which are often held in schools or kindergartens. The things that do not generate sales proceeds or are not to be sold for other reasons can be given to non-profit organizations, to the old-fashioned clothing store or to the Umsonstladen. Surely someone is happy about it.

Reward yourself

Cleaning and cleaning is not fun for you? Then reward yourself for your achievements. After a long day of cleaning, treat yourself to a hot cocoa with your favorite movie, stretch your limbs in a warm bath, or pick a new book in a nice, cozy bookstore if you've just cleared your bookshelf of junk. But before you get new junk, think about what's really good for you? Maybe a subscription to the swimming pool or the dance class you always wanted to attend, but never did?

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