Mega-Trend Upcycling: unique furniture made of pallets

Living in a sustainable and stylish way - is that really possible? If it is after the interior experts
Upcycling is one of the big trends in the home. Just like in the
Fashion is about reusing and upgrading waste or other
old objects that are transformed into completely new products. To do that
We not only do something for our environment, but have the opportunity to be true
To create unique pieces that nobody else possesses.

pallets made of wood, for example, are unique
Remodel furniture. Whether a cool lounge corner for the terrace, the
custom coffee table or a wooden Christmas tree - the pallets are
how to do it, in order to let off steam creatively. Do not you believe us? Here come 10
fantastic ideas for pallet furniture, sustainability and a cool design

Rustic coolness for the green oasis

No more lounge furniture, all looking the same! With some wooden pallets your terrace will get a new look that will astonish everyone. All you need besides the pallets are a few cushions that provide enough comfort. Then it's time to sit down and relax!

Industrial charm meets elegance

These opposites just attract! Classic elegance is mixed with rustic elements, creating an exciting contrast. The protagonist in the room is the hanging bed made of wooden pallets, which is carried by four ropes. A lot of cosiness generate the small table lamp and personal items such as books or picture frames with memories. Here, old and new merge into a perfect unity.

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The dream couple: nature loves modernity

If you do not want to create a complete piece of furniture made of wooden pallets, you can also combine them with other materials. In our example, we see a table with a wooden top and legs made of a modern material, which give the piece of furniture a very special look.

Interior design with an urban flair

A wooden table made of wooden pallets is not only practical, but gives the living room a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you also attach rolls to the floor, you can always move the table to where you need a shelf. Incidentally, the spaces between the pallets are wonderful to store books or magazines.

Creative design for the living room

How fancy a table made of wooden pallets can be with a little creative skill, shows our next example. Here, the middle part of the pallet was removed and placed on the table as a movable shelf. This not only ensures a special look, but also offers the possibility to use it as a small side table in other rooms.

Country style homemade!

You do not like the rustic look of the wooden pallets and wish you a little more elegance? With a bit of color, the wooden table itself fits a classic country style. The result is especially nice when you spice up the room with fresh color highlights.

More color, more fun in the garden!

As we have seen, wooden pallets can be arranged individually and used to make unusual pieces of furniture. For even more fun, of course, a new coat in your own favorite colors such as red, blue or green, which fit particularly well in the garden.

For demanding wishes: custom-made

Of course you can also have a piece of furniture made by an expert. The example of Wood BC presents a high-quality sunbed with a soft padding that provides comfort and coziness.

Naturally beautiful: a wooden Christmas tree

Stop needles that accumulate endlessly on the ground and make us nothing but work! The tree made of wooden pallets is a wonderful alternative and can be decorated as well with lights and other decorative highlights.

A dreamy sleeping place for your dearest companion

Even a cuddly bedroom for the dog or cat can be made from wooden pallets. Here, the inner part of the beams has been removed and instead a soft pad integrated, which guarantees your favorite a wonderful well-being sleep!

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