Detached house with airy floor plan

For many modern builders, strict development plans thwart the calculation when it comes to the realization of contemporary,
extraordinary dream home goes. So it seemed to the Cologne family too
go who wanted to build a modern home on the outskirts. Of the
standardized zoning was at first sight contrary to the
Presentation of a stylish, light-flooded, open house. Thanks, though
the creative ideas of our experts from Falcon architects could the dream house
the builders' family ultimately - but in a slightly different form - but realized

west side

We start our tour at the back of the house in the garden. The development plan provided for a classic, two-storey saddleback roof house - and this was exactly what was implemented. However, in a very modern, contemporary variant, which usually only works at first glance and on closer inspection, the scope of the everyday knows to blow. On the ground floor, the building opens with a large window front to the garden, which floods the interior with natural light and creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

south side

On the south side, the perfect interplay of trend and tradition becomes particularly clear. The family home presents itself simply, simply and clearly, like a house drawn by children and put together from a sheet of white cardboard. In contrast to the classic housing estate, roof overhangs and symmetrically arranged windows were not used here. Instead, the staggered window openings surprise and give the design an unmistakable touch.

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Street side

Even on the street, the house is anything but interchangeable and traditional. Windows of various sizes and shapes have been partially offset outwards, thus creating a certain something on the façade. On the upper floor, large skylights help to realize the dream of a family of builders from light-filled living.

Cooking and dining area

And that's what it looks like inside the house. The ground floor, consisting of entrance, stairs, kitchen, dining and living area, follows an open space structure, with the ceiling above the dining table in the attic to a two-story airspace opens, which in turn extends through the large skylights in the sky. In combination with the floor-to-ceiling glazing on the garden side, the result is an airy, bright and spacious room effect, which at first glance would not be suspected from the outside.

picture window

The children's rooms upstairs are flooded with natural light and make a very modern, homely impression. Two large panoramic windows on the gable sides provide magnificent views of the surroundings and a bright, friendly room effect. The parents' bedroom is located directly under the loft, where, thanks to the roof windows, there is a magnificent view.


Finally, we look in the bathroom, which seamlessly continues the modern style of the rest of the house. Clear lines, bright colors, high-quality materials and, above all, lots of light and space are also in focus, making the room a modern wellness oasis for the whole family.

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