Modern living in an old house

Today we visit with you a house that seems to be full of urbanity. Contrasting colors, textures and materials define the interior and make it an exciting living experience. 

Hard to believe we are in a former farmhouse that houses the interior design and graphic design office Line two under a sensitive renovation to a modern living reinvented. So you may be curious what is behind the winding streets and stone walls in the medieval town of Besigheim.

living area

The open living area is divided into two areas and is connected via a large section. A step leads to the living room. Here are comfortable leather armchairs, which are on a carpet Langfloorteppich. In the perfect light, the scenery is set with an arc lamp, which seems to be balanced by the massive foot. Natural light flows through the two vertical openings and the skylight into the room. The living room was designed with a dark wooden floor, which radiates a cozy atmosphere.


Concise is the design of the fireplace, which is placed like a solid black stone in the middle of the room. Again and again, the interior is fixed by black, condensed points, which are almost to be understood as a hallmark of the house. 

Further suggestions on fireplaces can be found in the Ideabook: Modern fireplaces

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dining room

Almost like a black and white photograph this picture appears - the effect is of course desirable. The furniture as well as the walls and the floor show themselves exclusively in non-colors, which evoke the character of a chic studio. Due to the stainless steel, the dining table looks like a massive operating table, lined with filigree chairs. Four hanging lamps were installed in a strict row and light up the dining area perfectly. On the front side there is a floor-to-ceiling panel that can variably change the design optics.


The kitchen is located in the immediate vicinity of the dining room and is not separated by a door. However, it is shielded by the upstream directly adjacent counter and thus experiences a spatial zoning. The fronts of the kitchen were timeless white. The white is complemented by stainless steel elements, which not only look classy, ​​but are also practical. The wall behind the preparation zone was paneled with wood, thus counteracting the cold materials. 


Two different staircases have been added, both of which have a modern look. But you have to say, that different is not quite right, because the framework is the same. However, different levels were used, which produce a different appearance in each staircase. The lower staircase takes up the flooring, which is laid throughout the house. The higher staircase radiates more heat due to the manufactured steps made of wood. Both models have been omitted risers to create a casual shape. However, the parapets have been retained and meander from the ground floor to the higher floors. 


An unconventionally furnished bathroom we have here. Instead of using sanitary furniture made of classic porcelain, a conventional sink, as known from kitchens, was used here. The mirrors were clamped to clothes hooks and fastened at different heights. 


As mentioned in the introduction, we are in a former farmhouse. For the first time, historical segments become apparent. Here on the ground floor there is a wonderful mixture of times, which is caused by the scene of the door and the old masonry. 

Information at a glance: 

Floor area: 210 sqm

Location: Besigheim

Completion: 2010

Interior design: Line two

Photos: Annette Diehl, photography

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