Harmonious family house with XXL atmosphere

There are houses at the sight of which one immediately feels surrounded by cosiness, harmony and cosiness. It is the same with that of Designcubed realized object. The single-family home in East Dulwich, London, skilfully combines wood, glass, light and a modern interior together with homeliness, which makes it so wonderfully carefree. How exactly that looks like, we look at in the following pictures! 

Courtyard as a center

Normally, the outdoor area is around a house, with terraces and other open spaces connected to the actual structure. For this object, the architects have just made this outdoor area the focal point and grouped the space around it. This results in an interesting living structure and a special living experience is created, which is optimized in this case by other elements. 

Puristic materials

Wood was used primarily for building houses. The natural material spreads a cozy atmosphere and creates a comfortable environment. In addition to wood, glass was used extensively, as shown by the large windows. These not only provide a view of the interior outdoor area and pave the way to it, but they also ensure optimal illumination through daylight. Wood, glass and light are unbeatable in this combination and create a modern and comfortable ambience. 

This picture shows a part of the living room, whereby clearly the terrace stands in the center. In front of the window, a bench has been arranged, the surface of which can be used for decorative accessories or just for putting on. Through the opening the sun penetrates unhindered, which transforms the space - together with the bright and natural design - into a place to feel good. 

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Special details

In addition to what has already been seen, the house offers more special architectural details. This shows the dining area with glazed ceiling, which should make this another favorite place in the house. The transparency of the material allows a view of the sky, which is especially nice to look at on a sunny day. The light varies depending on the position of the sun and creates a pleasant mood, with a row of pictures on the wall sets decorative accents. 

You can read more modern wall design ideas in our Iddenbuch. 

The kitchen

Next to the dining area is the kitchen, which was designed as a row with integrated counter. The counter has been designed in white with a wooden surface and decorated by two pendant lamps with an industrial touch. The end of the room was kept open by glazing, making the outdoor area a spatial extension of the interior.

The bedroom

The special thing about the house is that it is so exciting. It impresses with impressive and modern design elements, but without leaving the comfort zone. This ridge, which likes to leave quickly, was skillfully kept here and gives the house down-to-earthness. This also shows the bedroom as a simple room, but does not lose its comfort. The bed accommodates two and is decorated with colorful patterned textiles. Also from here, the interior outdoor area can be entered, which is particularly tempting on a sunny morning. 

The bathroom

Clean lines and a simple design also characterize the design of the bathroom. The whiteness of the sanitary ware comes to bear against the tenderly brownish tiles. Dark brown rod tiles capture the bathtub and create variety in the design. A pot plant draped on the window frame adds a fresh accent and underlines the natural look of the bath.

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