Small bedrooms to marvel: 7 great ideas

For some, a small bedroom is a curse, while the others could not imagine a more comfortable place to sleep. If you are still looking for interior design ideas for this small room and you just do not know how to make it comfortable, you will find it in this article. And if you have already completely equipped your small bedchamber, but still lack that certain icing on the cake, then there are also some ideas for that.

1. Bright colors

The top rule for small bedrooms is: set to brightness! Bright colors and materials automatically make every small room look friendlier and more spacious. However, if a white wall is too boring for you, then you are welcome to become more creative. Delicate patterns or geometric shapes are perfect for bringing some variety to the wall design.

2nd bed with storage space

If you start to furnish your small bedroom, a clever choice of bed is especially important. Ideally, this should not only be comfortable, but also practical. For example, books, clothing or accessories can be accommodated in a platform bed without taking up any space in the room. How to build a podium bed for yourself, we explain in another article.

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3. More space with a loft bed

If you are looking for furniture for small bedrooms, you will not get past a loft bed. No wonder, because they are just perfect for it. While you can set up a real cuddly meadow on the sunbathing area, the space below remains fully usable. For example, you can set up a workstation or sitting area under the loft bed. 

The whole thing becomes really space-saving, if one also designed the steps of the high bed as storage space, so that books or other utensils can be hidden inside. In the model to be seen here, it was decided to lock storage space in the steps, thus any chaos remains invisible.

4th bedroom in a one-room apartment

Residents of a one-room apartment can only laugh about the problem of a too small bedroom, because they are only concerned with delimiting or even integrating the sleeping area as cleverly as possible from the living space. In order to separate the sleeping area from the living area, it is advisable to use transparent, light dividers such as a curtain or even a glass pane. 

If you do not have the possibility to accommodate both a bed and a couch in the small room, a daybed is the ideal solution. On the one hand all kinds of things can be stowed away and on the other hand it can be used as a bed and a couch at the same time.

5. Set up small bedrooms with creativity

Even when it comes to designing a small bedroom, there's never a hint of experimentation and courage to paint. On the contrary, color accents come into the focus of the viewer and distract from any defects in the room. It is important that you do not exaggerate with the color choice or the unusual elements, otherwise the room seems quickly overloaded and restless.

6. A matching wardrobe

Chunky wardrobes are completely out of place in a small bedroom, because if the design is chosen unfavorably, they can be overwhelming and adversely affect the entire room image. A good alternative is an open wardrobe or a thought-out shelving system, in which all clothing can be granted. The advantage of this somewhat different wardrobe: one is always forced to keep order and can already think from the bed, what to wear.

7. Pure cosiness

Finally, we would like to show you a particularly cozy version of a mini-bedroom. A spacious niche has been converted into a small lawn and now forms an ideal retreat. The lighting plays an important role: The indirect, warm light brings extra comfort in the sleeping area.

Generally, so-called warm light should be used in the bedroom, as it is more pleasant to us than cold light. If the warm light is then used in indirect light sources, this increases all the more the well-being effect in a room.

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