Keeping shoes: How to create a stylish order

Everyone knows this problem: You come home and stumble in the hallway
over mountains of shoes. Because somehow it seems in every apartment too much
to give little space for our footsteps. Or maybe it's just too easy
lots of shoes? But as you know, you can never have enough of it, we stop
look at variant one and show you today how to make room for pumps,
Boots, sneakers and Co. and keep them stylish and neat. With the
the following storage solutions, the hallway is finally free of pitfalls,
All our treasures are tidily and safely stowed and it is found under
Guarantee somewhere a free corner for one or the other new couple ...

Under the stairs

Under the stairs there are unused rooms in many houses that seem senselessly given away. The perfect place to create plenty of space for shoes with custom fitted wardrobes. And if there should still be something underneath, we recommend - as can be seen in the photo - to also store jackets and coats there.

Always in view

You want to stow your shoes nicely, but still have them in view? Then such a shoe cabinet with glass doors is the perfect solution. As a result, the shoes are out of bounds, they do not dust and you can still take a look at your entire collection at a glance.

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Perfectly staged

More and more chic shoes are becoming a furnishing accessory, with which one can set stylish accents in the home. Real fashionistas put their beautiful high heels on a cool shelf in the center and beat two birds with one stone: The shoes are neatly kept and at the same time there is still a stylish eye-catcher for the eye.

In the dressing room

Anyone lucky enough to be allowed to own a dressing room can put on their shoes in this wonderful way. There are more than 60 pairs of space on such a shelf - and you have them all at one glance to select the perfect footwear every day.

Own space

You have so many shoes that you need your own space? No problem, that too is possible. In this project of our experts, space was created in a small adjoining room for all the clients' shoes. Who needs a pantry or a utility room if you can have such a shoe room instead?

Sorted by color

Real shoe fans sort their favorites for colors. In this dressing room, boots, pumps and co. Find space in simple white shelves and are arranged in an eye-catching color scheme. In this way you have with a single look and grip the perfect shoe for today's outfit.

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