Winter can come with these decoration tips for your fireplace!

A nice fireplace in the house is a great addition to any home, but of course I have
We usually do not burn the fireplace in continuous operation, right? Then ask
I'm sure you as well as we the question how to use the fireplace without one
can set fire to crackling fire. Our interior designers and
Interior designers have some tips for you on how to approach the subject
- in a way that makes it cozy, stylish and elegant. Have a look
into the topic collection, if you would like something.

1. Stack firewood next to the fireplace

If you want to make a nice fire in the evening, you need a good supply of firewood, the
is best located in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace. Then there are such niches
as in the first picture almost perfect and look good too. But attention:
Firewood must always be stored dry - even before you have brought it into the house. Because wet wood produces strong smoke and does chimney and
Chimney not good. High quality wood basically has a residual moisture content of
below 12 percent. In addition, damp insects like to collect insects that you
certainly not want to have in the house.

2. Instead of the open fireplace rather a stove

If you do not like the idea of ​​an open fireplace, you might think twice
to invest beautiful stove. Depending on the model of the even in an existing
fit in the open fireplace. Advantage? In the oven can usually be more
Burn solid fuels. In addition to firewood can here, for example, briquettes
or so-called fire rolls are used. They have the advantage of being
burn longer if there is less storage space and so the stove will stay on even overnight
can. Tip: The best way to talk to the chimney sweep, which fuel

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3. Candles in the empty fireplace

Phew, there is a fireplace in the house, but you never use it and never? Then he should
get at least a second life. Great makes a collection
different candles that look beautiful in the fireplace, even when the empty
is. Ignited, they also create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere
Eve. And if you do not like to light the candles, you could do one
Wrap the lights around the candles. Almost for the cheated special effect!

4. Fireplaces in seasons look

It does not matter if in summer or autumn: on the mantelpiece or around it natural decorations always look good. That can now both a basket of pine cones in the fall
or Eichelhütchen as well as in the summer fresh meadow flowers. And in the winter:
As we just put the sent to us Christmas cards on the
Mantel. This is a little reminiscent of the British cottage style. infinitely

5. Chimneys that are cheated!

By the way, you do not necessarily have to have a working fireplace. At flea markets or at
Antique dealers can be found again and again conspicuous sheaths of
an old chimney left over. Independent of a real flame
The living room gets such an additional highlight!

6. Accessories and what you like!

Now you have a mantel, but what are you waiting for? Our experts come up with a whole range of things, such as small works of art, vases in
different types or beautiful photos and travel memories. That works too
in summer, when the fireplace is not lit for a while. Nice in the
Winter also small fairy lights on the board or an elongated Advent wreath.

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