6 simple ideas to beautify your home

Sometimes a blanket at home simply turns the blanket upside down. You come in the door and can not see the old runner in the hall, the lighting in the bathroom was also pleasant, the wall paint in the living room never appeared so dull and when are the flowers in the vase dried up? 

If that sounds familiar to you, we can reassure you, because we reveal how you do not let it get that far. As in so many things, so it is important in the design of his four walls never to let boredom arise. But that does not mean that you have to look for a new apartment right away or start a major renovation project. Occasionally, even small gestures are enough to give a room a completely different appearance and to create a new ambience. Boredom in your home definitely has no chance with our following tips!

Fresh flowers as an eye-catcher

There is a small thing that probably brings a smile to each of us in the face: a bouquet of fresh flowers! But to be able to enjoy at home always a radiant flower splendor, is easier said than done. Because who does not have someone who brings you occasionally a bouquet home or who often makes so late after work, that all the flower shops have long since closed, forgo the natural beauties. But now these desolate times have come to an end! 

The enterprise Bloomon has made it its business to provide us weekly with fresh and lovingly put together bouquets. Buying flowers online has never been so easy: Once you have registered online, the flowers are delivered fresh every week to the front door - the rhythm and destination can be determined individually. You do not know what the bouquet looks like before, but you can be sure that these are especially fresh and unusual creations. So fresh that flowers are guaranteed for ten to fourteen days. From unusual flowers to seasonal themes - the surprise effect is guaranteed with every delivery. And so you can always make yourself a little joy and beautify your home again. If you want to avoid the pre-Christmas gift panic, you can secure vouchers for your loved ones right now. Delivery is currently in the cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf, Neuss and recently also to Berlin and Hamburg. To get an impression of the stylish bouquets, you can have a look at the picture gallery.

Spice up your furniture

Cozy pieces of furniture are the alpha and omega when it comes to feeling comfortable. But soon we have tired of the gray couch or are ashamed of all the spots on the white sofa. You can easily avoid this: just choose a model or color that suits your needs. If you know exactly that there is a lot of smudging on the seat, you should prefer to use a darker fabric cover. Once you have pets with a light coat, a dark couch can become an eye-catcher due to the accumulation of fur. 

Classic and calm colors are the best choice for a piece of furniture that you want to keep longer. That's the way it can be spiced up anytime with smaller accessories such as pillows and blankets. And these can then be flexibly exchanged according to your mood. If you can conjure up a matching carpet, the variety is perfect.

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New curtains

Curtains are a major eye-catcher in our living rooms. Therefore, one can also quickly and easily achieve an impressive effect, if you exchange them. If, instead of a dark brown, you turn to a pastel green, the whole room is given a completely different look. However, if you do not want to give up your white curtains, you can also experiment with the design of the overhead curtains.

New ideas for light

Light also offers a lot of possibilities to provide some variety. For example, if you change the light color from white to yellowish or pick colorful colored light chains, you can create a new ambience within seconds. While white light is perceived as activating but also cool, yellowish light is known to create a comfortable feeling in us due to its optical heat. And colorful fairy lights are just a nice eye-catcher in every room. If you like it special, you can also opt for a flickering variant. However, this is rather only as a decoration for the corridor or other living areas where you are not permanently, recommended.

If you are fed up with the sight of the chandelier on the ceiling, you should consider whether indirect light might be a pleasant alternative. This can be implemented creatively in the form of a suspended ceiling or with the help of wall lights.

Creative wall decoration

Repaint walls is usually not something you do in the evening. On the contrary: The effort is so great that you also like to push it before. But you can also give his walls a new look without much effort. Quick and easy with wall tattoos. Here you can choose your desired motif and decorate almost any wall in the apartment in an instant without much manual skill. Especially for the spontaneous beautification of kitchen and bathroom, wall tattoos are ideal. Motivating sayings make it easier for us to start the day in the bedroom, and when we sit on the couch in the evening, we can enjoy the specially created, framed photo wall. 

In addition, this wall decoration brings with it a decisive advantage: Wall tattoos can be not only easy to attach, but just as simple remove again. So nothing speaks against bold color experiments or a seasonal ornament of the wall.

Exchange accessories

In our apartment there are so many little accessories that we should occasionally exchange to bring fresh wind in our four walls. This includes, for example, simply replacing the chair cushions, a new carpet or a new shelf. And apropos Regal, sometimes it can cause even small miracles, if it changes the arrangement or even better - separates from little things that you do not need anyway. Exchanging a complete dish service rarely makes sense if everything is still intact. But what speaks against it, just to treat yourself to a new, beautiful cup that has the stuff to the absolute favorite piece?

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