How can I set up my home in white?

White is the color that makes our home bright and friendly.
White walls make a room appear larger and ceilings look higher. White
is also the perfect combination partner for all other colors
the radiant, bright color will be staged. But also alone has white
a pleasant, cooling effect. Rooms and entire apartments, skilfully designed in white, are by no means sterile, but soothing and soothing
purely. No matter if minimalist, romantic or Scandinavian - white can be
to arrange with all possible furnishing styles. White walls, floors,
Furniture and textiles can be spiced up with pops of color in your favorite color
to bring some momentum into the overall picture. We want you today
Introduce some ideas on how to integrate more white into your home
can. Thus your four walls shine in a new, pure splendor, none
different color as well as white.

Color shades change the room climate

White walls are considered boring for many. But not without reason, this color is used so often. White is not white in any case. Again, there are many
different shades like pure white, cream white, natural white or
Ivory White. The different characters of these color gradations have
different effects on the indoor climate. Pure white can definitely be described as cool color, the
but especially in a modern, minimalist environment
can. Cream and natural white have warmer properties. You are a beautiful
Alternative to pure white walls, increase the indoor climate and fit perfectly
Shabby chic style furniture. If you want to paint your walls in a new shade of white, you should contact our homify experts. They are happy to advise and implement your Wohnträume available.

Light makes white radiate

The lighting conditions are very important in a white room. When daylight falls through the windows, any room that is in white can
was designed to be cozy and inviting. But as soon as it gets dark,
Care is announced. Since white in any case is a rather cooler color, must
pay attention to the light color when choosing the light source. Cold,
bluish light colors leave the room especially, especially in white interior, especially
look cool. Warm white bulbs lift the desired effect
of a cozy, clean, white home, however, still stand out and show the
Color at its best. Especially indirect light or the light smaller
Lamps distributed throughout the room create a pleasant atmosphere. So will the room as soon as it is
begins to dawn, to a cozy
Kuschel oasis.

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Bright floor makes for a welcoming atmosphere

White floors are mostly in the form of light bedroom carpets or bathroom tiles. Meanwhile, the offer is on
Flooring so big, that also without problems white wood floor and laminate in the living room
can be interpreted. The bleached wood has a Scandinavian character
and is often connected to holiday homes by the sea. We hold this
Train of thought for consistently positive, because who would not like to enter
Feel the holiday feeling in his own home? The sample photo shows
beautiful bedroom with open bathroom, with a whitish
Wooden floor was equipped. Instead of acting exaggerated, the harmonize
Combined shades of white perfectly match each other and are only natural colored
Splash of color. The bright atmosphere is inviting and cozy. Add to that the great aspect of cleanliness, the immediately a cozy
Feeling bequeathed. Who does not like sleeping in a cozy bed, whose
white, clean sheets smell of freshly laundered bedding?

White furniture is timeless and always trendy

White furniture is a real all-rounder. They are timeless, brighten the room and adapt to any other color. Many know that
Problem if the furniture is constantly adapted to the color of the wooden floor
have to. Too many different tones can quickly become restless and mixed up. With white furniture this problem does not arise or gets through this
solved. Also in furniture convinced the color white by their incredible
Diversity. Whether modern, white glossy fronts in the kitchen or one
romantic, white chest of drawers in the bedroom - white is always and everywhere
hip, trendy, popular. The pretty country chest of drawers Dorothee from Dekoria Berlin is the ideal example of the timeless color. Even grandma would have this gem
happy to put in her bedroom, while our future grandchildren about
such a beautiful piece of furniture would be happy.

Color swatches relax and bring fresh wind into the booth

Patches of color are a great way to integrate your favorite color into the white wonderland. The contrast sets the accent color
particularly beautiful in scene and makes bright colors really radiate. There
If a room is simply designed, the room theme can be colored
Direct accents particularly well. Textiles as a splash of color can also help
Need to be easily exchanged to give the room a completely new look
to lend. For example, in the spring and summer, the cushions can be used
fresh, pastel-colored covers, while for winter and winter
Christmas time the red and dark green models are unpacked. The photo shows a nice example in which
The cheerful, bright colors of pillows, wallpaper and carpet are extremely good for
Come into effect.

Home accessories for decoration of the room

Picture frames, vases, small sculptures and lanterns are decorative home accessories that instantly enhance and beautify every room. Without
Decoration would make any room look very naked and sad, the walls would be bare
and bleak. With favorite photos, framed in a beautiful,
white picture frame, the room is not only coziness, but also
Personality. The picture example shows a nice combination
white home accessories and a pillow. The reference with a trendy one
Color gradient in white and turquoise, is the ideal splash of color for your apartment. The color,
which remind us of clear sea in the south, in conjunction with the white
Shells and the noble lamp brings the perfect, fresh breeze into your home. More ideas on the topic Living in white offer you this Ideabook.

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