Which interior design ideas you can look up from a hotel

Do you know the feeling of arriving in a beautiful hotel room after a meeting or a long stroll through the city? Next
Order, cleanliness and modern furniture awaits you here
appealing facility that still gives you enough flexibility to
to realize yourselves in the course of your stay sustainably. What
speaks against setting up your apartment in a hotel-like style
and to enjoy all the benefits that would normally otherwise only
Are reserved for tourists? By following a few tips it is easy to
to set you up as in the hotel and thus - especially in terms of an ideal
Combination of modernity and comfort - new and attractive ways to
go. Make your own suite with just that
Equipment that best suits your tastes!

A luxurious bathroom design

Luxury plays a major role in many popular hotels. For most people, the foundation for wellness and relaxation is laid in the bathroom. This space is one of the most popular rooms in a hotel, and should therefore not be underestimated in your individual planning in any case. Depending on the available budget, there are (almost) no limits to the imagination here. In addition to the installation of nozzles, which quickly turn your tub into a hot tub, you should put emphasis on individual and generous space, as well as a high degree of transparency. The latter is achieved primarily through the use of glass shower cubicles, large mirrors and the decision not to "overload" the bathroom with furniture that is too wide. Do exactly that, which always impresses you when traveling and decides you best for less furniture or home accessories and for more freedom and wellness on all levels!

The bedroom

The bed is usually the focal point in every hotel room and should therefore be skilfully staged in your home. If you want to set yourself up like in a hotel, ideally you should opt for one of the modern box spring constructions. These are not only highly ergonomic, but also impress with many possibilities for customization. With a classic box spring bed, you often have the opportunity to adjust the headboard to your personal lying preferences or to use an integrated box spring bed for stowing bedding, pillows and the like. Another aspect, which is why this particular type of bed is so popular in hotels, is the comfortable entry level. This not only ensures a comfortable getting up in the morning, but also exudes a luxurious living feeling that makes the bed bigger and therefore even more elegant. How to make your bedroom even better, you can read here!

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The right lighting

Lamps and lights in many facets may not be missing in both the living and in the hotel area. Just then, if you want to adapt your apartment to a hotel room, it may be in terms of the appropriate Illumination "a little more". It is important here, above all, to ensure that every place in the room can be flooded with a pleasant light. Particularly popular in this context is the use of dimmers. These give you the opportunity to customize the light according to your needs - individually to your occupations. In addition to simple lamps, however, it is still the classic chandeliers that attract the attention of visitors and residents alike. Each apartment, which would like to approach the flair of a hotel room or a suite in terms of furnishing technology, should therefore have at least one chandelier, which is one of the visual highlights in the living or sleeping area.

Free spaces for more flexibility

Hotel operators know that their guests from all over the world appreciate the space that suites and rooms offer them. Do not you enjoy being able to move about freely in a room? Therefore, especially with regard to the facility, you should make sure to use free space and thus not to waste space, while still maintaining flexibility and transparency. Sounds complicated? But it is not! It is best to make a plan in which you set the relevant room size in relation to the furniture to be used and ensures absolutely for wide passageways. If you realize that it will be difficult to stow your everyday objects neatly, sometimes creativity is needed. High shelves help you in such a case to use space upwards and spoil you with enough space in all rooms. Even more furnishing ideas for your individual space can be found here!


Textiles, such as pillowcases or duvet covers, but also towels, impress in the high-class hotel room above all by a high degree of elegance and a largely simple look. So that you too can furnish yourself as in the hotel, you should imitate this special furnishing style and in this context especially grab light textiles. Of course, if a plain white is too simple or too monotonous for you, you still have the opportunity to break it with the help of patterns. Especially in the use of white bedding offers an enormous potential that you should not give away. Over the last few years, leading designers from all over the world have specialized in creating creations that may only be real eye-catchers at second glance, but then impress with their individual flair and the ultimate in elegance.

Inspirations for 1 bedroom apartments

Especially when you live in a one-bedroom apartment, it can be hard to make you feel at home. However, by following a few tricks, you also make the seemingly impossible possible and manage to build your own suite step by step. It is important, above all, to create the perfect mix of modern furniture and the available space. Especially if you live alone, you should therefore decide on practical and yet modern furniture. A bright interior also helps to make a room bigger and thus more spacious anyway. Also on decorative items, especially pictures, you should not miss in the course of the furnishing in your 1-room "suite". Above all, large pictures with not very eye-catching representations are very popular in this context and revive the hotel atmosphere of the 1960s. How to furnish yourself practically and multifunctional, you will learn here!

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