Brick houses

When you look at modern architecture you probably do not immediately think of brick houses. On the contrary, brick buildings are more likely
as old-fashioned and stuffy, or only as beautiful when they are
really really old, so have historical value. But with exactly these
Prejudices we want to tidy up today and some modern brick houses
show that come along absolutely contemporary and stylish and prove that the
reddish brown stones do not belong to the old iron.

Modern villa

How elegant, comfortable and modern brick can be is shown by this dream villa. The view of the façade becomes particularly exciting due to the structural contrasts. The massive building is flanked by a narrow spiral staircase on the right-hand side and classic brick meets floor-to-ceiling windows and a minimalist design vocabulary.

Brick differently

This Potsdamer residential building shows that brick can also surprise. The elongated building consists of a massive, sand-colored brick ground floor and a wooden-floored transparent top floor - a combination that creates an exciting contrast and attracts everyone's attention.

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Passive house with pool

Brick can be up-to-date: This single-family home in Nettetal is characterized by a clear language of forms, which is achieved in particular by the structure of clinker facade and large-sized window openings. The building was designed and constructed as a passive house and meets the highest technical requirements. The photovoltaic system on the roof makes it an EnergiePlus house.

From the barn to an energy wonder

Here we see a more classic interpretation of a brick house. However, it is still an absolutely hip concept, because this idyllic residential building was once a farm barn, which was used for agriculture. As part of the energy-efficient and sustainable refurbishment concept, some repairs, alterations and modern additions have been made and the barn has become a contemporary home that uses renewable energy, offering all the amenities of modern life while still retaining its enchanted country house charm.

Loft life in a former brewery

This project also shows very impressively how popular old brick houses are today. It is an old Berlin brewery whose historic building was extensively renovated and today houses modern apartments and lofts. A true dream home for those who value individuality and uniqueness and like to see traditional buildings preserved. More information about this special project can be found here.

Modern clinker house

Finally, we have brought a modern brick construction, which plays with the exciting contrast between classic clinker and a minimalist design. In the freely cut cube, heavy masonry rests on fine glass. Clear cutouts open the building and black accents convey depth and structure.

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