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  • Wall decal Bayreuth

    Our high quality vinyl films are flexible and extremely adaptable. They can be easily attached to woodchip wallpapers or light fine plaster. The wall tattoos are made of semi-gloss and self-adhesive film, are particularly well suited for plasterboard walls, textured wallpaper, fine plaster, woodchip, glass, wood, tiles, plastic and many other smooth and silicone-free surfaces, are easy to install, can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.
    Our wall tattoos do not last, on silicate-containing emulsion paint and latex paint, the substrate must be absolutely free of dust and grease, new paints must be dried or cured the paint should be at least 3-4 weeks ago. For large wall tattoos, they should be twos when attached. The application of the squeegee is described in detail in our Verklebeanleitung and makes it much easier for you to attach.

    The wall tattoo is available in many sizes.

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