15 decorative stone walls for the modern home

Feel well and secure together with the family. Where would that be better than in the proverbial own four walls? From a functional point of view, one of these walls only separates two rooms from each other - and as a supporting element it ensures the stable statics of our home. But of course, a wall is much more than just a functional area. Where else are we hanging the photos of our loved ones? Where else is the shelf with your favorite books? As a natural stone wall, the wall itself becomes a great decoration element. For example, around the fireplace. Or directly in the hallway, the business card of the house. These as well as many other ideas for decorative stone walls we put together for you today. For modern living comfort - and a nicer home. Have a look.

First Open stone wall with fireplace

Especially in the cold autumn and winter months, the place in front of the fireplace is still the most sought after, right? Its natural warmth relaxes us, while the fire fascinates us. In this example, the elegant stone wall not only complements the naturalness of the fireplace. For its part, it is also an absolute highlight in an elegant mix of rustic and modern elements. By the way: thanks to the open wall design, residents and guests not only enjoy the stone wall in the living room, but they can also be admired in the kitchen.

Second For the perfect rising

The extremely refined design in this example must have been seen. The dark color of the stone wall not only looks elegant, it also creates an optical illusion. It almost seems as if the staircase on which it is placed, float. No visible pillars, no visible girders. Instead, the steps are firmly connected to the stone wall. An ingenious trick that turns the steps into a decorative element.

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Third From the annoyance to the visual highlight

Regardless of whether it is a small garden shed or a modern loft. The laws of statics apply to both. Both need load-bearing construction elements so that they can be home to us. For this reason, one or the other pillar is often seen, especially in spacious rooms. Annoying if you love the open-plan living design. But why not make a virtue out of necessity? Covered with heavy marble slabs, the pillar becomes a decorative element in a class of its own. Elegant and timeless and, as in this example, sometimes just the icing on the cake in a perfect home design.

4th Natural contrast for airy design

Are we here on the terrace or is this perhaps the living room? Thanks to the panoramic windows you have in this example the best panoramic view of the area. Outside and inside seems to merge. From a design point of view, it is good for such a room to have an optical counterweight. The natural stone wall are ideal. It fits wonderfully into the natural view and grounds the room thanks to its dark coloring.

5th Neutral wall design for the modern fireplace

We have already seen how wonderful a natural stone wall can frame the home fireplace. In this example, on the other hand, we see again a completely different, modern variant of a stone wall with a fireplace. Neutral designed does not deflect the wall from the fireplace, but places it deliberately in the center of attention. A great contrast, contemporary realized. And does not the carpet in front of it just look great?

6th The stone wall as an innovative lighting element

Who said that a stone wall must be monotonous and massive? But on the contrary. Thanks to its stable construction and its partly large-scale appearance, the wall offers plenty of space for creative design. How about, for example, a stone wall as an innovative lighting element? Thanks to the artistically crafted glass surface, the room shines naturally in the light of the stone wall. Not just a real eye-catcher, but a particularly creative mix of decoration and functionality.

7th Stone wall as a subsequent decoration

Not every wall fulfills a static function in our home. Although some walls separate one room from the other, they could as well be removed. Conversely, this means that a wall can also be retrofitted - not in drywall, but as an exclusive decorative element. Just like in this example. With a pebble bed optically separated from the room and spotlights beautifully staged the dark stone wall gives the entire area a great atmosphere.

8th To set the scene in perspective

So far, we have seen many stone walls that were inside a room and had no connection to the outer facade. Yet it is precisely the outer walls that are our own four walls to make a home, right? Especially in modern rooms it can be a nice design idea to make the wall with the window open or unsealed. Thus, the eye of the beholder immediately falls on the window and thus on what is behind it. Maybe the view of a beautiful garden? Or a great panorama?

9th Stone elements as a color accent

Those who love colors and do not want to do without them at home naturally know that less is more. Colors, as clever contrasts, come into their own much better than, for example, a large-scale monochrome wall could do. Incidentally, this not only applies to the color design of the wall but can also be transferred to stone elements. Even stones can be attached decoratively - without covering the entire wall. In this example, the small lounge gives it the warm flair that it needs to invite you to linger. 

10th Texture and color: the perfect interaction

So far we have admired, in addition to modern stone walls, naturally kept stone walls, which in turn combine many great qualities. Of course, color and stone can also be linked together. Colored stone walls always shimmer through a certain naturalness. They always break the light a little irregularly and thereby create their very own charm. How well that works even with the signal color red, we see prime example in this interior design. The modern steel beams, lots of natural light, great furniture. But let's be honest: Only the stone wall makes the room to what it is, right? Modern yet lively and playful.

11th Extremely versatile: the brick

Brick is traditionally an important basic material in building construction. Hardly a house that manages without him. Its characteristic color as well as its warm flair have meanwhile also made it a real favorite in the interior. How about, for example, in the entrance area? Warm, natural and above all confidence-inspiring. A great alternative for those who miss something out of the ordinary in their home but want to go back to the old. Sounds like the squaring of the circle? Brick makes it possible.

12th Modern house entrance, natural stone

In modern house construction, it is above all the smooth facades that dominate. They are easy to care for, durable and, above all, timeless. Who wants to change his façade design every five years, because it no longer suits the taste of the moment? For those who are looking for a little more personality or naturalness, the stone wall in the outdoor area is the perfect alternative. Its natural charm gives the modern façade as well as the modern entrance area exactly the warmth it needs. Simply the perfect match. Incidentally, there are many more great ideas for your façade here: 10 color combinations for the modern façade. Have a look!

13th The stone wall as a design facade element

And because it's just a fantastic combination, we stay in the facade area for a moment. In this example, we do not see the stone wall merely as a design element at the entrance, it extends over the height of the entire house. An ingenious trick especially for houses with a minimalistic approach - and even from the street an absolute eye-catcher.

14. The perfect welcome in the hallway

Over the corridor it is said that he is the visiting card of the house. Every guest, even every postman gets to see him. So he has representative character, which also says something about us personally. In this example, it is the natural stone wall that tells something about the homeowner at first glance. The naturalness of the stones as well as the natural veneer of the wooden floor testify to a down-to-earth character, but beyond that, it is quite practical. This hallway is a true work of art. How important the hallway can be for your home and how you can best shape it, we have put together for you: Error in the hallway: 6 things that you should rather avoidSee it out!

15th Natural stone as a great roof carrier

In this book of ideas, we saw many wall elements that basically did not perform any static functions. Whether the walls with fireplace or the decorative stone elements in the small lounge. In this example, we can see that a decorative stone wall can of course also have supporting functions. The roof of the terrace is supported by a pillar widened to a small wall. Its warm flair goes well with the natural element of water. Both together make an excellent design, which proves: Modern design and a warm atmosphere are not mutually exclusive. But on the contrary!

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