Unique Christmas gifts for designers and architects

Christmas is just around the corner! Most are in the hot phase of shopping delusions and despair of creative brainstorming. It is particularly difficult to give to people who are supposed to have a very good taste. We mean here the professional group of architects and designers. Today we have for you a colorful variety of matching gifts that serve every price range. Maybe we can inspire you a bit with the products shown here or even convince you completely. Have lots of fun with it!

Deco sticker Istanbul

Architects and designers in most cases like geometric shapes. If you know an architect or designer who has just moved and is looking for a simple beautification idea for the wall, you can certainly score with this gift. The wall and Dekosticker have a clear shape. Next to the sticker Istanbul There are other formats and other colors. Since most architects and designers often have too little time, this simple and fast way is wonderful, to set accents in the home. 

Rocket egg cup

The creative professional group likes to surround itself with beautiful things of everyday life, you can start early in the morning with good design. Of the Eggcup Rocket reminds us, as can be easily read off the name, to the support of a rocket. The design language has been reduced to a minimum. All it takes to hold a breakfast egg is a ring that sits on a tripod for maximum stability. The workmanship is made of high quality metal and thus achieves a stable weight. Besides black, there are other colors. 

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Slim & Slim white

The Slim & Slim white has a length of 90 centimeters and will illuminate every table perfectly with this dimension. The narrow side measures only four inches. Despite the enormous length, the special dimensions create a filigree appearance, reminiscent of a suspended component due to the steel cable suspension.

A true classic for lovers of concrete, this pendant lamp is made of concrete. With its air bubbles in the surface, it has the classic structure of concrete and still feels silky smooth. The insides were gilded high quality and emit a cozy and warm light. 


Graphic lines are the passion of a designer and architect, and in most cases every design starts with such a straight line. If you do not get enough of the linear shape, you can beautify the walls in the future with this succinct decor. Our experts from Extratapete designed a wide range of different decors that are guaranteed to meet the delicate design genius of a design lover. 


Designers and architects have already seen a lot, so a piece of furniture should have an extraordinary shape. Maybe we have just the lamp for you here, which could be the perfect present for a friendly designer or architect. Inspired by a snow pole, is the elegant L01 emerged. An objective luminaire that impresses with its originality in terms of color and material. The luminaire can be positioned straight, but also at an angle. Thanks to the ingenious base, the light can be used arbitrarily, so this can donate light in an upright, but also in an oblique position. The base was made of concrete and serves as a base and as a stabilizing weight element. Felt pads were placed on the back of the concrete base, so you can easily move the lamp. In the head part of the luminaire - almost invisible - a touch sensor is installed, which allows a stepless dimming by finger pressure.


Several features are combined in this beautiful piece of furniture. A high quality wooden table that makes the hearts of people beat faster with a green thumb. In the surface recesses were inserted, in which you can easily use small plants. So you have a green spring at home all year round. The stylish design will surely capture the heart of any design lover. 

Concrete Town

A befitting present we have here: A small city of concrete can be used here as a practical holder for all sorts of office supplies. With this idea, you kill three design clichés with one stone.

1. The material concrete has become indispensable in the house / apartment of an architect.

2. The shape of the small houses takes the field of tasks of the architect very well.

3. A decorative element with a meaningful function.

Bergnerschmidt designed in the product line homework Functional and shapely objects for the home and the desk. The concrete town is a handmade desk accessory consisting of four concrete houses that can be used for pens or business cards. If an entire city is too much for you, you can only buy individual houses. 


Who does not know her? Multiple sockets lying in the corner or on the table. An absolute mess and tangle of cables. Does not look nice! 

The design studio Bougiandbo has taken on this problem and developed a clever solution: the Cablecar. A small organic box that houses a multiple socket inside. Thanks to a lid, there is no sign of the cables. Rolls do that cablecar flexible and so can that device  simply be rolled to the desired place. 


Not only chic design plays a role, but also the question of sustainability. The ECO Design products from 8pandas are 100% natural and based on the fast growing raw material bamboo. The trend to choose bamboo crockery is becoming more and more prevalent as the material offers a number of advantages. So the natural material is biodegradable, dishwasher safe and unbreakable as well as an extremely antibacterial substance. The products have already been coveted Red Dot Award best of the best 2014 excellent. 

We opted for the color black here, because this is a universally popular classic and is a timeless trend especially for design lovers.

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