Old-fashioned house gets stunning facelift

We have found a very special semi-detached house for you, dating back to the 1920s and from the architects 3S Architects and Designers LTD professionally redesigned.

The result of the facelift is an impressive avant-garde style family home that boasts modern and elegant living space on both floors. The comfortable living spaces on both floors were skilfully combined by the architects and the open plan makes the old-fashioned semi-detached house an impressive living space close to London. What changes were needed to completely change the old-fashioned house, you will learn now. 

Before: street side

The main façade of the semi-detached house faces the street and was mainly characterized by simplicity until the renovation. A white, clean, almost cool-looking house facade was lined with a small driveway, which just enough space for a car offered.

Based on this very simple and traditional facade was created by the planning of 3S Architects and Designers LTD a modern house in the suburb that impresses with innovative details and avant-garde flair. 

The facade after the conversion - pure avant-garde!

Even if you may not believe that: this is the semi-detached house from the 1920s AFTER the reconstruction. Lots of glass, metal and modern lines have completely transformed the building and transformed it into an architectural highlight. 

Geometric shapes now replace the simple style of the past decade, bringing the building to life. The new glass doors on the ground floor open the way to a spacious terrace, which has become the ideal place for a cozy meeting with the joys. In addition, small points of light were installed on the ground, which also provide discrete light in the evening hours. 

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An open dining area for a comfortable living environment

While the old concept of living relied more on closed rooms, many of the rooms in the house were enlarged and connected during the renovation. In the picture above is the sprawling dining room & Living area connected to the kitchen at the same time. This creates a pleasant and open living environment, which fits perfectly with the modern flair throughout the building. 

The transformed living room from a completely different perspective

In addition, the living room was also skillfully connected to the large terrace - because the window fronts can also be easily opened, connecting the living room directly with the outside area. 

A large, white living area invites you to spend cozy hours in the circle of your loved ones and through the open interior design, the residents often spend time together, simply by working, relaxing or reading in the open spaces. 

Luxurious kitchen island for real cooking professionals

The highlight in the kitchen is definitely the luxurious cooking island and the emphasis on stainless steel. By using this easy-care material, the entire kitchen looks futuristic and original. The elements in the room are cleverly arranged so that the occupants have room to cook and eat. Comfortable work can be done on the modern kitchen island and the high walls have been skilfully used for large shelves and cupboards.

A bedroom like in the wellness hotel

The bedroom is, of course, the most important room in the house, and that is exactly why the architects designed it with great care. And the effort was worth it, because even the first glance into the bedroom was absolutely thrilling and invited us directly to the intimate wellness hotel in-house. The bedroom is directly connected to the extravagant bathroom with a large bathtub that invites to romantic hours in the rose bath. The large bed is enthroned in the middle of the room and serves as a haven of peace throughout the house. 

We are impressed by the work that the architects of 3S Architects and Designers LTD have made during the conversion of this semi-detached house and find that the redesign has been more than worth it!

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