Flexible shelving systems

The apartment is shrinking, mementos multiply or the growth needs more space? There are many reasons why we have one or the other furniture purchase think again. We are particularly pleased when there is the opportunity to make our furniture flexible. 

We'll introduce you a few flexible shelves which you can customize according to your personal wishes and the required storage space.

wall boxes

Hanging boxes, which we can attach to the wall, are probably the best known variant for a flexible furnishing. Thanks to different sizes and shapes you can be wall shelf individually designed. Especially in the nursery This is a good shelf idea as the little ones can accommodate their toys well sorted there.

Close the door, shelf away

The photos of the ex-boyfriend have to disappear and suddenly the shelf is empty? Luckily, this gap can easily be filled: the shelves from Fläpps we can simply fold in or out as needed. And once we've framed the pictures of our best friends, we can proudly fill the shelf again.

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wood furniture

Fans of wooden furniture will love this shelf variant: Whether in a rustic wood look or painted white - the cube modules we can stack on top of each other and next to each other at will. So our favorite pieces get a simple yet remarkable frame.

Exceptional shelf design

With this shelf, we become an artist: The individual modules can be connected to each other at the handle holes. With pegs or washers, the compartments are attached to each other so flexibly that they can be rotated arbitrarily. So we can do that most unusual shelf constrictions create for our four walls.

Light shelves

If you are afraid of heavy shelves above your head, you will be happy about these lightweight shelving constructions. The shelf elements are made of cardboard and very resilient. Thanks to their stability, they can find their place both on the floor and on the wall.

Learn more about this furniture design here: Cardboard furniture

Recycled shelves

Recycled pallet wood is used as a shelf module in our apartment a new use. The recycling process creates unique pieces of furniture that blend in with plain wood decorating style to adjust. As a two - or four - shelf, these modules can be easily stacked or strung. 

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