A simple house with exciting inner life

Especially young people are often faced with the question: Do we buy a plot and build ourselves? On the one hand, one can fulfill all wishes, on the other hand, it is a great act of strength with a lot of stress and annoyance associated with numerous complications and delays. Or you buy an existing property. These objects must be rebuilt within their possible existing structures to what one desires and what comes closest to the ideas of the dream house. The decision is often also dependent on the financial position and of course
the needs and desired lifestyle of each.

Today, we are visiting São Paulo with homify 360 ° and can present you a sensational renovation project. This residence
The seventies was completely renovated by a young couple
remodeled. The architects tried the essence
of the original building and the benefits of the existing one
To take over structures. More comfort and functionality and one
unique personality was built into the house.

Curious to see the result and all the charm of this 70's house?

main structure

One of the young couple's most important demands was to preserve the benefits of the existing structures of the original house of the 70s. The original spatial organization of kitchen and rooms pleased them and should not be broken up. However, all rooms have raised doors and huge windows to make better use of natural lighting and ensure excellent ventilation. As a result, the interior has also come in better harmony with the external environment and the terrace and the garden are now more effective. The new black painted metal frames show the new and contemporary character of the renovation.

Living room

The chosen element that was to preserve the memory of the building was the internal stone wall. It creates a sense of unity of the old with the new style. The wall was highlighted even more succinctly by LED lighting. Otherwise, however, all floor coverings, wall paints and window frames were replaced or renewed, whereby an incredibly beautiful and independent personality of the original house was combined with modernity. The wall gives the room a rustic atmosphere and at the same time the feeling of warmth.

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Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen has been divided in the middle by the use of two different materials for the floors: this allows two different and adjacent areas - the kitchen and the dining room - to be separated within a room. This solution optimizes the space. The kitchen is characterized by textured blue floor tiles that add a touch of tradition. The dining room is characterized by the wooden floor, the brick wall and the rustic wooden furniture characteristically.

Courtyard with garden

From the kitchen and the dining room you can reach the terrace at the back of the house via a generous sliding glass door. This courtyard is flooded with natural light and rewarded by a beautiful view of the garden.

Vintage furniture

The original wall, which has been preserved in the house, is a highlight of the interior design by special lighting. The interior design of the living room combines modern furnishings with lacquered modern wood furniture with rustic wood furniture. This interplay gives the room a touch of tradition and personality. The cabinet shown here serves as a drinks bar.

Cherry tree trunk

In the garden on the terrace a tree cherry is planted. On the one hand, it has a decorative function due to its fruits and also attracts birds to the garden.


The back of the building was the area that has undergone more changes. The existing room was demolished and gave way to a covered barbecue area with toilet and laundry room. There is also an outdoor seating area with a garden. The barbecue area is set by the old wooden cabinets and the modern kitchen cabinets in pose. The round dining table with its blue finish and modern design reflects the youthful style.

Radiant bathroom

This bright bathroom with its double sink is dominated by the white color. The floor tiles and sanitary facilities are made of white porcelain. The sink is made of white marble, the cabinets are carved in lacquered wood. This environment appears full of elegance.

Bedroom as a suite

Upstairs, a bathroom was created for the second bedroom. The master bedroom turned into a luxurious self-contained suite. There was even room to install a small balcony. The generous window with black lacquered metal frame allows you to enjoy plenty of natural light and to look out onto the front garden. It has become a thoroughly pleasant and cozy space.

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