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  • Climbing and design object

    Berlin, Private Rooms, 2013: A free-standing inner tree, which should fulfill two functions in this apartment: a stylish design object for the parents, stable enough for children to climb ...  

    Slightly offset from the passage arch, the inner tree deliberately adds an additional accent as a room divider. Potential head openings are secured in accordance with the DIN standards for playground equipment by transversely twisted branches. A hand-knotted knot at the end of the dew serves as a swing.

  • Tree in the bathroom

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    Denmark, Private, 2015: design object and towel rail. 

    The large branches growing out of the walls fulfill two functions. As a hook serve numerous small cones. The entire installation is made of oak.

  • Tree in the living room

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    Denmark, Private, 2015: decorative interior tree in the living room, beech

    The massive crown has been extended by individual, invisibly twisted branches. The oblique approach lets them grow out of the wall. A branch drills optically through the floor of the free-floating, partially glazed intermediate level, and continues to grow at the top. Smaller branches along the inner tree trunk serve as rungs for climbing children.

  • Tree in the kitchen

    Berlin, Privat, 2014: Interior tree as a design object in the kitchen, oak.

    The comparatively narrow tree with its long, upward-striving branches makes the room look larger in an elegant way. In fact, the kitchen is in an attic apartment with strong sloping roofs.
    The trunk of the inner tree protrudes a few centimeters into the worktop of the kitchen. Due to a special form of storage, the wood has a very fine, high-contrast grain.

  • Hallway with nature

    Berlin, Privat, 2014: interior tree as room divider, beech

    Customer request was a decorative separation of the wardrobe with the help of an inner tree.

    The massive beech - debarked, sanded and oiled by hand - gives the entrance area a natural look by growing into the partition wall made of plasterboard.

    Attachment invisible in floor and ceiling.

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