TV bank or wall mount: 55 great ideas for your TV

It was not so long ago, as the one who was well-heeled, who had a TV in the kitchen. Or in the bedroom. Besides that in the living room, of course. Today, TVs are simply items of our everyday lives. And ever since their design has slimmed down dramatically thanks to LED technology, they are even more often suitable for decoration. As you not only upgrade your television with a clever interior design, we have brought 55 great examples today. Whether as part of the wall design or with TV bank - we have something for every taste. So let's take a look together.


First An expanded wooden wall acts as a TV bank and simply integrates your screen perfectly in the room

Second Especially in the modern living room, a dark device is a nice contrast to the neutral color scheme

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Third Thanks to its timeless Scandinavian design, this TV bench is simply suitable for any modern décor

4th Not every TV is in the center of the living room - it may also be a supplement - next to the fireplace, for example

5th Great upcycling project instead of standard furniture: how about an old suitcase or an individual pallet furniture?

6th A shelf with plenty of storage space and a summery light flair - maybe for the house?

7th At the stone wall, both elements come into their own: the naturalness of the wall and the beautiful lines of your television

8th A room in the solid wood design - here the television in the bright design is particularly light

9th The flat screen TV comes on the stone wall to advantage, also thanks to the great niche

10th Modern design with a touch of retro charm

11th The desk in the secretary look makes the TV a truly great decoration element

12th Above the fireplace: a real eye-catcher in an unusual place

13th Elegant patterns and textures on the wall embed the television harmoniously into the room design

14. Or how about a spectacular view in the background?

15th Dresser in minimalist design and plenty of space for DVDs and blurays

16. Thanks to wall mount: Perfect even in a small room at eye level

17. Natural decor and green plants around the TV are not disturbing, but extremely harmonious

18. Perfect TV enjoyment in all seats despite small space

19. An elegantly lit 3D texture as a background

20. Dark wood also gives your TV area a luxurious flair

21. Also in the living room with an English country house character, the television finds its place on the dresser

22. Modern and practical at the same time: The elegant library frames the TV area

23. Sit down by the fireplace and keep an eye on everything? No problem, as we can see here!

24. Elegant ambience with a playful turquoise color touch - that's what makes television fun again

25. Strong color contrasts enliven the room, but should leave the media area untouched

26. These wall niches convince us immediately

27. Great color contrast in the wall makes the TV almost invisible

28. Minimalist wall design around the TV leaves more room for the home design

29th The modern glass table makes the TV seem to float, right?

30. Spectacular TV suspension against a breathtaking natural backdrop

31. The TV moves into the shelf wall and thus surprisingly in the background

32. Who would not be seduced by the sight of this great stone wall to a long television evening?

33. The red sofa draws everyone's attention - the television has a simple shelf

34. The couch landscape in U-shape creates the perfect home theater experience

35. Modern living design in neutral gray and white with a lot of attention to detail - note, for example, the gray TV shelf

36. Spectacular, modern and comfortable at the same time. Even the white TV adapts perfectly to the prevailing design

37. A touch of wild nature blows through this media space

38. Unmistakably creative and rustic - you almost overlook the decent wall mounted TV

39. Minimalist modern design with subtle color contrast ensures an uninterrupted TV experience

40. The industrial-scale TV area boasts an individually designed TV rack

41. The screen of the TV becomes the perfect transition from a black wall cabinet to a white chest of drawers

42. The wooden table in a natural look also gives the small TV a certain innocent charm

43rd Particularly bright living areas benefit from cool color elements, such as a carpet in front of the TV

44. The perfect media area thanks to the individually designed drywall

Drywall walls are not only inexpensive, but also extremely durable. In addition, you can easily customize each room for you. Do you already know this book of ideas: 9 spectacular living ideas - thanks simply drywall? If not, you should definitely take a look! It is worth it!

45. The stone wall and the comfortable sofa create a great television area on open living space

46th Who says that a TV must always lie flat against the wall. He also likes to protrude into the room.

47. The TV seems to be invisible - thanks to black shelf wall

48. Big screens, of course, also need a lot of room to create the perfect movie experience

49. A great combination of modern and classic elements - and a TV in drywall

50. Industrial and rural style have found each other here - as a TV may not be missing, of course

51. Modern living design with a creative touch and harmoniously integrated television area

52. Even in a small space, a separate media area can be created - for example with a beanbag instead of a couch

53. Partition with LCD TV: Rarely has the space at the staircase been used more optimally and beautifully

54. Perfectly planned: the otherwise unused space under the stairs becomes a spectacular media area

55. All elements in this media room point to the access to the terrace

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