10 modern kitchens with special details

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your own home. Here you start the day, cook with your loved ones and welcome your guests to the delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, it is very important for many people to design the kitchen accordingly. We'll show you 10 appealing cuisines that will inspire you with special details to transform your own kitchen. 

1. With color highlights

How about a flashy color in the kitchen? That always makes something and makes every morning for a good mood. We are big fans of the bright orange in the picture below - cleverly integrated with small details like the lamps, chairs and fruit bowl on the shelf. 

2. The wine cellar in the wall

Of course you can also provide an extraordinary highlight for excitement. For example, with the wine cellar directly in the kitchen - namely integrated into a wall that almost becomes an art object. So you have killed two birds with one stone: you do not have to run into the cellar to fetch wine and also adds to your kitchen a unique detail that inspires.

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3. combination of pattern & colour

You love colors AND patterns? Why do not you combine both? It works, for example, like in the kitchen below - here, the interior designers succeeded quite easily, a pleasant turquoise in harmony with the retro floor in black and white. 

4. Elegant contrasts

If you like it modest, you will fall in love with this kitchen. Along the wall, the kitchen unit was integrated - snow-white, she simply fits into the overall picture. A rustic dining table with transparent chairs and a cozy sofa make for a cozy atmosphere and also connect the kitchen with the rest of the social space in the house.

5. Grid as an eye-catcher

Practical and beautiful in this kitchen is a grid, which was mounted directly above the worktop and stove. Here you will find pans and other kitchen utensils and the kitchen looks much tidier. 

6. Flexible furniture with castors

This kitchen first impresses with a touch of retro, which is produced by the clever combination of green and white. In addition, there are furniture with practical wheels that can be flexibly moved - a great basis for quickly creating plenty of space in the kitchen. 

7. With a view

A glass wall in your own home is always well received - as in this kitchen, which has been separated from the hall by a window and still offers enough privacy and space.

8. Charming wall painting

A highlight in the kitchen can also be the wall design. In this picture, wild patterns and doodles on the wall, which are held in a warm shade of blue.

9th stone wall as the center

... or should it be a bit more stylish? Then we recommend you a stone wall as a visual highlight in the kitchen. If then the remaining furniture was chosen to match the color, nothing stands in the way of the harmonious overall picture.

10. Rustic & cozy

... and finally we show you the prototype of the rustic and cozy kitchen. Of course, wood must not be left out here, and bricks are also part of this very special idea of ​​traditional cuisine. 

As you can see, there are plenty of great ideas around the perfectly designed kitchen - take a look at this Ideabook and continue to be inspired by experienced Kitchen Designers!

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