Gift ideas for bookworms

It is the first of December and Christmas is approaching inexorably. Books are traditionally among the most popular Christmas gifts in
Germany, but honestly: Such a book is not particularly creative
absolutely. Who wants to present a passionate bookworm, but still has
numerous other possibilities. Seven of them are presented here today.
From the cool shelf to the multifunctional design miracle and the practical one
Bracket to the original DIY idea is here represented everything, what the heart
makes passionate book worms beat faster.

Bookmark lamp

SIGNET by Benjamin Helle is a brilliant hybrid of lamp and bookmark. In this cool invention, two absolutely important accessories combine for unadulterated reading fun. This way, we can stylishly put our favorite book or magazine in the limelight, always know which side we've just visited, and have the best lighting for reading. An invention that is as surprising as it is ingenious, which under guarantee will delight every bookish worm.

Reading pleasure in the tub

With the WOOD U? RELAX Holder for tablet and laptop from Trimbornstraße & eich your reading pleasure in the bathtub is lifted to a new level. With this ingenious part you can not only read an eBook in a relaxed way, but also surf the Internet, chat with friends or watch a movie.

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Shelf differently

Everyone knows how to make boards. The Newton-Regal by Francesco Polare consists of an old vise and a few sturdy hooks in the wall. The books are simply clamped in the vise - ready. A really cool eye-catcher for every wall!

You would like to have a bit more inspiration for shelves? No problem, just click through our Ideabooks Shelves with that certain something and Shelves as eyecatcher.

Practical companion

Seconde-Peau is a multifunctional invention by our expert Audrey Bertacchini. The cool part serves as a practical book bag to take away as well as a practical bookstand, which ensures a relaxed reading pleasure - at the table as well as in bed, while eating as well as in the train. A really useful companion for all bookworms who never leave the house without a book, or out of the room.

DIY vase

For book lovers, who also like to become creative and love original design ideas, our expert Maria Teresa König has a great DIY ready: For the book vase simply remove the cover and fold the pages individually inward and zusammenmember. This creates a cavity in the middle, which can be wonderfully used as an individual flower vase.


The Laptable from Andrew's Living Rooms is a real must-have for all couch potatoes and bookworms. The ingenious pillow tray adapts beautifully to any sitting position and offers enough space for your favorite book, laptop or tablet - for a super comfortable reading experience in bed, on the couch or in the armchair.

key book

What one can do with old book treasures, shows the Hamburg label Lockengelöt. The key Books are produced in our own product design factory in the heart of St. Pauli. Alleged useless books are here provided with sturdy metal hooks and then equipped with sturdy eyelets. Thanks to the original book covers that are fully preserved, the guys from Lockengelöt real art objects. A more individual way to hang up your keys is hard to find. The books convince with the authenticity of their past lives and shine at the same time as unusual and sustainable home accessories.

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