Decoration tips for the garden and terrace: how it works!

Especially we women love decoration, right? We browse for hours in boutiques, in the
Internet and remodel at every new season. In the house at least. But
what about the outdoor areas? Let us also count to the deco queens or
do we prefer to forget it? It's fun in the summer, outside
to give a little gas, to make with accessories, lanterns or flowers.
If that did not convince you, we've come up with some nice ideas
which we want to show you.

2. Wooden shelves outdoors

An idea that can be implemented by anyone who has a garage wall or similar in the garden: wooden shelves are used for potted plants and hide in this way a sometimes ugly outer wall.  

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3. Shining example

Not only actual outdoor lamps are good for terraces. If we have no way to hang lamps as shown in the picture or electricity is nearby, can be decorated with such a small fairy lights. 

4. Fireplaces

There is nothing better than a kind of campfire feeling in the garden, right? If you do not like the smell and flying sparks of logs, you can use gas or ethanol. 

5. ZEN gardens

Sometimes it does not have to be a big flowerbed that we realize in the garden. Let's look at the next example: A small bed is designed in an Asian look - with white gravel, wood elements and low plants. Looks great and does not do much work!

6. Flower pots for hanging

Such a wrought-iron shelf is ideal for hanging plants in clay pots. PS: In it also herbs and vegetables could be planted. 

7. Whirlpool

Ok, that may not really be a matter of decoration. But in such a hot tub, the beautiful garden design can enjoy more!

8. Vertical garden beds

Especially in contemporary homes, we often find such built-in outdoor areas. And they have to be designed naturally, because otherwise the whole glass pane will not work. Beautiful are in such a small space such vertical gardens - here we see two green wall fountains, from which the water flows into flowerpots in copper look. 

9. Beach feeling Go!

Hammocks we do not see so much anymore, but they are the perfect companion for gardens where you want to dream of another country!

10. Decorative pillows

In winter, there is nothing better than to comfortably surround yourself with many pillows and blankets. but this is also possible in the summer: Such cushions are not only comfortable, but also look great in the different colors. 

11. Artworks in the garden

This sculpture puts the garden in an almost mystical atmosphere - the lighting does the rest. The round stones on the ground, which frame the object of art, work beautifully. 

12. Flower tub made of wood

The residents of the house have made themselves comfortable on this small terrace and integrated various high wooden flower pots. Therein radiate different summer flowers to the bet. And we bet that this place looks very picturesque even in winter!

13. Wind lights and and candles

Simple, but always nice, the candles and lanterns are in the backyard. So it can be chill at weekends until late into the night. 

14. An old tree and a hammock

Because hammocks are so beautiful, we brought two directly with us today: Here it hangs on an old maple - and above a beautifully minimalist wooden deck.  

15. Fruits and vegetables in the garden

We still have some old fruit boxes in the cellar? Perfect! Quickly built on the wall or placed on the ground, which can be used as a container for the in-house fruit and vegetable cultivation. 

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